The Hollow is an advanced grenade that utilizes simplified protocols to allow operation by lower skill users.

Required Skills (required Skills)

Skill Min Level Grenadier 1x

Basic (root)

Attribute Value basePrice 2010
metaLevel 4
slotType Grenade Small

Usage (root)

Attribute Value mHomingSpeed 3000.0
mSeekingRange 1000.0
mTotalAmmoNanitesCost 32
maximumPerFitting 0

Passive Modifiers (modifier)

Domain Adapter Category Stack Penalized Modifier Tags mVICProp.amountPowerUsage +6.0
  Mount Default No tags assigned.
mVICProp.amountCpuUsage +25.0
  Mount Default No tags assigned.

Weapon Attributes (mFireMode0)

Attribute Value fireInterval 1.0
maxAmmoCount 3

Projectile Attributes (mProjProp)

Attribute Value accelRate 0.0
damageRadius 660.0
damageType at_grenade_standard_dt
directHitDamage 1042.5
explosionMomentum 500.0
explosionType exp_av_std
initSpeed 1750.0
maxRange 100000.0
maxSpeed 1750.0
projectileLifeSpan 0.0
splashDamage 168.0
splashDamageType at_grenade_splash_dt

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