'Anosma' Heavy Type-1
Shield HP  ?
Armor HP  ?
Shield Recharge Rate  ? /s
Shield Recharge Delay  ? s
Shield Depleted Recharge Delay  ? s
Movement Speed  ? m/s
Sprinting Speed  ? m/s
Sprinting Duration  ? s
Stamina  ?
Stamina Recovery Rate  ? s
Scan Profile  ? dB
Scan Precision  ? dB
Scan Radius  ? m
Melee Damage  ?
Meta Level  ?

Description Edit

For anyone who grew up hearing the tales of the warrior Anasoma, this suit is the embodiment of their childhood nightmares. The story tells of how the fearless Anasoma was betrayed and captured. Before killing him, his torturers melted his famous battle armor to his flesh. It is said that he now roams the battlefields of New Eden searching for his betrayers.



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