The Heavy dropsuit is a second-generation solution designed to withstand concentrated small arms fire and protect the wearer from the concussive, thermal, and impact forces of low-grade explosives. Additionally, its power-assisted exoskeleton facilitates usage of the heaviest caliber personal weapons. Heavy dropsuits lack the mobility of lighter suits, but this trade-off results in a defensive system that defies standard infantry conventions. No other classification of personal armor can claim to be able to stand toe-to-toe with enemy vehicles and survive.

The look of this Amarrian suit has changed little since it was first created, due largely to the commonly held belief that its original form is immaculate; the perfect amalgam of science and religion. Aesthetics are as important as function, because to the Amarr, aesthetics are function. Enshrined within the armor, the wearer becomes a vessel, the embodiment of God’s will and an instrument of holy wrath, unmistakable, and feared, by all who look upon him. To the Amarr, the dropsuit itself is the weapon.

Dropsuits Edit

  • Militia
    • ​'Eon' Militia Heavy
    • 'Skinweave' Heavy
    • 'Venom' Militia Heavy
    • Militia Heavy Dropsuits
  • Standard
  • Advanced
    • ​'Anasoma' Heavy A-Series
    • 'Colossus' Heavy A-Series
    • Heavy A-Series
  • Prototype
    • ​'Anasoma' Heavy vk.0
    • 'Colossus' Heavy vk.0
    • Heavy vk.0
    • Heavy vk.1