Amarr Light Frame ak.0

Category Amarr Light Frame
Place of origin Amarr Empire
Fitting Capacity
CPU 230
Powergrid 60
Light Weapons 1
Sidearms 1
High-Powered 2
Low-Powered 4
Sm.Cap. Grenades 1
Infantry Equipment Slots 2
Shield HP 100
Armor HP 130
Shield Recharge Rate 30 /s
Shield Recharge Delay 4.0 s
Shield Depleted Recharge Delay 6.0 s
Movement Speed 5.30 m/s
Sprinting Speed 7.42 m/s
Sprinting Duration 27.50 s
Stamina 275
Stamina Recovery Rate 40.0 s
Scan Profile 35 dB
Scan Precision 40 dB
Scan Radius 20 m
Melee Damage 80
Meta Level 7

Amarr Light Frame ak.0 Edit

A basic dropsuit frame hardwired with all minimum designation combat suites and protocols but without any role-specific customizations.

NOTE: This basic frame does not receive any role-specific bonuses.

Prerequisites Edit

Variations Edit

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