Marketplace Description Edit

"Augmentations designed to increase cognitive ability allowing temporary usage of certain skills or increased skill point accrual."


Screen Shot 2012-09-12 at 17.39.06

Augmentations are implants that you must buy with Aurum. Currently there are 3 types of augmentations: Active, Passive, and Factional.

Boosters are biomechanical grafts designed to stimulate nerve growth and neurotransmitter activity, temporarily increasing cognitive processes. The graft will degrade over time until it is completely absorbed by the body and ceases to function.

Booster Types Edit

Passive Boosters Edit

Passive boosters will continue to function on non-primary clones as a factor of the base skillpoint accrual rate. (Non-primary clones without a passive skill booster do not accrue skill points at all.)

Active Boosters Edit

Active Boosters add a percentage bonus to the number of skill points earned at the end of each battle. They do not increase the number of skill points remaining in the active skill point pool.

Faction Boosters Edit

Faction boosters are biometric identification chips issued by major factions throughout New Eden. Once activated they uniquely identify the user as a supporter of the issuing faction. Corporations operating on behalf of the faction will then be authorized to increase rewards to that individual.

Omega Boosters Edit

"The Omega-Booster features superior performance over standard models."

Active and Passive Omega Boosters are limited availability augmentations usually sold during marketplace sales for events. These unique type of boosters provide a 100% bonus, as opposed to the normal 50% bonus, but usually come with a much more expensive Aurum cost.


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