In-Game DescriptionEdit

Hull Gunloggi
Cost 2,682,480.00 ISK
Max Capacity 3 (1 driver, 2 gunners)
Icon05 13Turrets Hardpoints 3 (1 large, 2 small)
Militia Sica
Standard Gunnlogi
Marauder Sargaris
Black Ops Chakram
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"The Heavy Attack Vehicle (HAV) serves as an anchoring unit for many planetary engagements, fulfilling its role as a long-range and heavily armoured unit. Equipped with thick and resilient armour plating and high-capacity shielding systems, it is a tenacious defensive vehicle, able to withstand persistent onslaughts from entrenched enemies.

Designed for clandestine operations, the Black Ops HAV comes factory equipped with a robust suite of scanning and electronic warfare systems. A low scan profile and a built-in CRU make the Black Ops ideally suited for troop insertion behind enemy lines, and its hull formidable enough to keep them alive once they’re there."