Charge Sniper Rifle
Category Sniper Rifle
Fitting Requirements
CPU 93
Powergrid 15
Slot Infantry Light Weapon
Damage 321.9
Rate-of-Fire 50 RPM
Max. Ammo 25
Base Ammo 3
Reload Time 4.0s
Meta Level 8
Damage Type Projectile
Optimal Range 1-598m
Maximum Range 598m
The Variant of this weapon has an unique charge ability that make this weapon a devastating blow to anybody that gets hit from it. but, such a weapon has its weakness. You must give the sniper the minimal charge in order to fire which give a 1.5 second charge to shoot its minimal fire then its 3 second maximum charge. With this weakness, Its best not to fire in close or mid range fights.

Description Edit

The Charge variant fires rapid, low-damage slugs or slow, high-damage slugs.

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