In-game DescriptionEdit

"The clock field absorbs electromagnetic emissions and manipulates light to render the dropsuit practically invisible. When active, the field alters the magnetic permeability of the suit's surface area to generate a negative refractive index.

When cloaked, the suit's susceptibility to megnetometric waves is moderately reduced, allowing it to evade all but the most sensitive scanning systems. However, cascading distortion introduced by weapon or equipment activation will desynchronise the suit's sensors and short-circuit the cloak."


The Cloak Field, as it's name suggest, cloaks the user nearly invisible, but certain actions will cause this to differ. Standing completely still provides maximum cloaking, while moving, such as jumping and sprinting, will reduce the invisibility effect. While standing completely still, it is very hard to pinpoint the user, as there will only be a slight distortion of the background, while moving makes it very easy to pinpoint the user, as there is a shimmering blur moving across the screen. Certain versions will prolong the effect, as Advanced and Prototype Models last more than the Standard models 15 seconds. However, the recharge time will also be longer with the more advanced models, making this sort of a con.



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