NOTE: This page is not an official version history or changelog; some of the information contained within may be incorrect and very early versions may be out of order, or could be missing entire update logs.

This page contains all the patch notes that could be gathered either through the in-game legal, or via the internet.

Next Release 1.0 Edit

Tentative Deployment - February


Uprising 1.10 Edit

Deployed 2014-12-08 and new roadmap up at

New Player Experience Edit

* All players will be offered ten random Daily Missions every day.

  • Completing each Mission will grant rewards and completing a certain number of missions will grant additional rewards. Incomplete Missions can be replaced with new Missions for AUR.

* Meta level of Items is now shown in the Marketplace, and the Meta level of Fittings as well, being the sum of of all Gear on the Dropsuit (including the Dropsuit) as well.

Spawning and End of Match Edit

* Two new Items have been added to the End of Match Salvage:

  • the Encrypted Strongbox, containing high value and rare gear and
  • the Hacked Decryptor Key. Hacked Decryptor Keys can also be earned by completing Daily Missions and/or purchased for AUR.

Dropsuits Edit

* A new Attribute, Bandwidth Capacity (Mb/s), has been added to all Dropsuits.

- Light Frames: Edit

  • Scout: STD/ADV/PRO = 6/9/12
  • Basic: STD/ADV/PRO = 8/12/16

- Medium Frames: Edit

  • Gallente/Minmatar Logistics: STD/ADV/PRO = 20/28/36
  • A marr/Caldari Logistics: STD/ADV/PRO = 16/24/32
  • Assault: STD/ADV/PRO = 8/12/16
  • Basic: STD/ADV/PRO = 8/12/16

- Heavy Frames: Edit

  • Sentinel: STD/ADV/PRO = 0/0/0
  • Commando: STD/ADV/PRO = 8/12/16
  • Basic: STD/ADV/PRO = 0/0/0

Gameplay Edit

* Players can now deploy Equipment as long as their sum of Equipment Bandwidth Cost does not exceed their Dropsuit Bandwidth Capacity. Going above the Bandwidth Capacity will result in the self-destruction of deployed Equipment, in the sequence it was deployed.

* Clone Reanimation Units now have a Passive Scan with a Scan Precision of 35 dB and Scan Range of 15 m for increased enemy awareness before spawning in to battle.

* Drop Uplinks now have a Passive Scan with a Scan Precision of 35 dB and Scan Range of 5 m for increased enemy awareness before spawning into battle.

* Squads in Public Contracts will now be able to earn additional Off-Map Support in the form of Flux Orbital Strikes (EMP), a wide area bombardment that only affects shields and deployed equipment, obtained for War Points and Laser Strikes, very high powered precision strikes. All strikes now have a Major and a Minor variant.

  • Major Warbarge Flux Strike: Impact Radius = 500m, War Point Cost = 3000
  • Minor Warbarge Flux Strike: Impact Radius = 50m, War Point Cost = 300
  • Major Warbarge Laser Strike: Impact Radius = 200m, War Point Cost = 5000
  • Major Warbarge Strike: Impact Radius = 250m, War Point Cost = 4000 (This is the current Warbarge Strike)

* A players Loyalty Rank will be displayed in the Kill Message, when achieving Kills. Victims rank will not be shown. This option can be toggled on/off in the Settings menu in the NEOCOM.

* Passive Scans are now in the form of three concentric circles, centered on any Dropsuit. The closest circle has the strongest Scan Precision (lowest), the middle circle has normal Scan Precision and the farthest circle has the weakest Scan Precision. Scanning modules (Range Amplifiers and Precision Enhancers) as well as passive Scanning skills affect each of these three scans as before.

Scan Precision: Edit

- Light Frames:

  • Scout: Close/Medium/Far = 20/40/52
  • Basic: Close/Medium/Far = 20/40/52

- Medium Frames:

  • Logistics: Close/Medium/Far = 22.5/45/58.5
  • Assault: Close/Medium/Far = 22.5/45/58.5
  • Basic: Close/Medium/Far = 22.5/45/58.5

- Heavy Frames:

  • Commando: Close/Medium/Far = 27.5/55/71.5
  • Sentinel: Close/Medium/Far = 25/50/65
  • Basic: Close/Medium/Far = 25/50/65

Scan Range: Edit

- Light Frames:

  • Scout: Close/Medium/Far = 4/10/20
  • Basic: Close/Medium/Far = 4/10/20

- Medium Frames:

  • Logistics: Close/Medium/Far = 5/12.5/25
  • Assault: Close/Medium/Far = 4/10/20
  • Basic: Close/Medium/Far = 4/10/20

- Heavy Frames:

  • Commando: Close/Medium/Far = 4/10/20
  • Sentinel: Close/Medium/Far = 3/7.5/15
  • Basic: Close/Medium/Far = 4/10/20

Visuals Edit

* Some Dropsuits now have a more prominent and differently colored Inertia Canceller effect.

* Some Weapon Projectiles now have a more prominent and differently colored Projectile Trail effect.

* Some Laser Rifles now have a more prominent and differently colored Laser Beam effect.

Modules/Equipment Edit

* A new Attribute, Bandwidth Cost (Mb/s), has been added to all deployable Equipment.

  • Nanohives = 4 Mb/s
  • Gauged and Triage Nanohives = 6 Mb/s
  • Proximity Explosives = 2 Mb/s
  • Remote Explosives = 3 Mb/s

* All Equipment now has a tiered Scan Profile: STD/ADV/PRO = 55/45/35 dB

* Vehicle Scanners now have the same Scan Precision progression as Active Scanners: STD/ADV/PRO = 46/36/28 dB

* Range Amplifiers now add 5%/10%/15% range per tier.

Bug fixes and polish Edit

* Players switching to a new dropsuit at Supply Depots will now inherit the shield and armor percentage from the former dropsuit to prevent exploits.

* Nanite Injectors now grant differing War Points (WP) per successful revive: STD/ADV/PRO = 30WP/60WP/90WP.

* Added a Guardian War Point bonus, for every War Point earned within 50 meters from an Objective, an additional 25% War Points are granted.

* Enemy orientation has been removed from all scan results.

* The following dropsuit attributes have been added to the Fitting Information screen, as modified by Skills and Modules:

  • Scan Precision (dB)
  • Scan Profile (dB)
  • Scan Range (m)
  • Shield Recharge Delay (s)
  • Shield Depleted Recharge Delay (s)

Balance Hotfix Edit

Deployed on 2014-11-06

Militia HMG 23.5 buff; new 22.8

Standard HMG 18 nerf; new 19

Advanced HMG 17.1 nerf; 18.1

Prototype HMG 16.2 nerf; 17.1

Officer HMG 15.3 nerf; 16.2

The normal RR was supposed to get increased charge up to reduce its CQC ability. Using the opportunity to pull back on the Kick magnification.

Rail Rifle: charge- up 0.3 0.6 nerf

Kick ease: 0.2 0.1 buff

A new players worst experience is to get insta-popped during spawn-ins. Adding a CRU passive scan is a good way to help players decide whether this will be suicidal or not. Precision catches all non-damped and non-damp skilled frames

CRU passive scan: 15m radius 35 precision buff

This was supposed to follow the clip buff of the ARR, and the ARR will also benefit from less kick (above) ARR clip to from 252 to 348 buff

The current delay is almost not noticeable. Bumping it to 1.0 seconds, but also re-introducing the de-cloak animation, that makes the decloak happen over time. These should offset with a slight nerf to cloaks.

Cloak delay 1. sec nerf

Cloak animation 1 sec buff

Commonly requested, reducing the zoomed tracking speed of the laser, incrementally. Maybe more later.

ADS laser yaw 0.3 0.2

With team based scans, we need to react immediately, there is too much scanning going on without effort. Further buffs and nerfs to scanning will follow with EWAR shake-up initiative

Focused Active Scanner: Only squad share nerf

Gallente suits last buff new buff

Commando 3 5

Logi 3 5

Medium Basic 3 5

Heavy Basic 2.5 4.5

Assault 2.5 4.5

Sentinel 2 4

Light Basic 2 3

Scout 1.5 2.5

Uprising 1.9 Edit

Path to Game and Overall UI Edit

* Updated content information background image. * Character Selection portraits are now in higher resolution.

Maps/Environments Edit

* Added two new Battlegrounds: - Boulder Rim. - Spine Reactor. * New Caldari Production Facility components: new large, medium and small sockets. * Added two new environments: - Toxic. - Dusky Storm. * Added a new type of smaller Battleground: - Isolation

* Multiple tweaks to the following Battlegrounds based on the community feedback: - Manus Peak: Repositioned Objective B to provide cover from fire. - Manus Peak: Added cover from all directions to Objective A. - Manus Peak: Added Spawn Points for both teams. - Ashland: Supply Depot moved from J10 to I10. - Border Gulch: Cover and additional Spawn Points added to provide counter attack opportunities and reduce travel distance to the map center. - Line Harvest: Medium socket enabled as a new default Spawn Point in C4. - Line Harvest: Supply Depot added to E9. - Line Harvest: Added surrounding cover to Objective. - Spine Crescent: New variation using the Consolidation Matrix and Communication Outpost. - Fracture Road: Moved Objective. - Fracture Road: Changed both MCC locations to allow both teams to jump on to the pipes from the MCC. - Fracture Road: Added a Spawn Point to each team to reduce travel distance and equalize the team distances from Objective. - Impact Ridge: MCC moved closer to the middle of the map and added new Spawn Points to reduce travel distance.

New Player Experience Edit

* Added shortcuts to Public Matches and Market options from Mercenary Quarters. * Added a few Booster notifications for New Players.

End of Match Edit

* Added an Instant Skill Point Boost option to the End of Match screen.

Weapons Edit

* Increased persistency on Sniper Rifle bullet trails.

Visuals Edit

* Implemented some Rendering Optimizations to increase overall framerate. * Decreased Mercenary Quarters dropsuit front view distance.

Bug fixes and polish Edit

* Optimized Particle Effect for swarm missiles in order to address "invisible missile" bug. * Fixed star flickering bug on the login screen. * Polished the Ion Pistol reload animation. * Fixed and issue where sprinting after firing would cause the player to run slower. * An Active Cloak now also reduces the player's Passive Scan Radius by 85% in addition to Signature Profile. * Vehicle Icons will be visible to players on the Mini Map and Overhead

Map at a longer range (up to 80 meters) than their dropsuits Passive Scan Radius.

* Switching between Cloak and Weapon will now have a longer delay (0.33 seconds). * Nanite Injectors can now only be used on Teammates that have requested assistance by pressing the "Call for Help" button. * Spawns on a Mobile CRU will now grant War Points to the Pilot. * Active Scanners can now share Scan Results with either Team or Squad.

This is set on a per item basis but all Active Scanners now have Share Results with Team as default.

DUST Marketplace Edit

* Added two new categories to DUST Marketplace: - Visual Customization. - Services. * All Vehicle Turrets are now under the Vehicles category. * Moved the Packaged Fits Category into the Bundles Category. * Sell to Vendor option added to Assets and Mercenary Quarters. All items, including AUR and items (except Boosters), can now be sold for ISK. * A New Agent is available for purchase for Aurum. The Agent is displayed in the Mercenary Quarters, providing better selling offers from Vendors.

Skills Edit

* Added Booster stacking: Up to 3 Boosters can now be stacked. * Passive Boosters can now be applied to the Second and Third Character.

Other Edit

* Added Skill Reset and Refund option to marketplace for player convenience, purchasable for Aurum. Skillbooks are refunded at 80% of ISK Market Price. * Introducing a new Loyalty Ranks program, where Players will gain a Loyalty Rank based on Lifetime Battles, Wins, War Points and Aurum purchased and used, and more. For veteran Players, the Ranks are effective immediately, based on each Players lifetime statistics. Each Rank grants an Honorary Title and specific bonuses to in-game rewards such as End-of-Match Skill Points, ISK Rewards, Loyalty Points, Sell-to-Vendor Prices, and more. Higher Ranks have higher bonuses and unlock new ones.

Hotfix Delta Edit

Deployed 2014-09-24

You will find the numbers that have changed in this Google Docs sheet. Edit

New Player Experience Edit

  • For our New Players we have more than a few changes in Delta. We have created militia variants of all Sidearms, as well as the Heavy Machine Gun, all available in the Militia Items marketplace and added to the Starter suits. All Medic Starter suits will now have the Magsec submachine gun, Sniper Starter suits will have the Submachine gun and the Frontline Starter suits will have their proper racial pistols, the Ion Pistol, the Bolt Pistol, the Flaylock Pistol and the Scrambler Pistol.
  • We are also providing our New Players with a limited number of Mk II Special Issue Starter suits, the Assault Frontline Mk II, and the Sentinel Defender Mk II. We got feedback from the Community while building these fits so they should be competitive.
  • Additionally, we have given all New Players a few starting skill books
and injecting them at skill level 1 to level 2 based on feedback from the CPM and various corp CEOs, allowing us to safely reduce the starting
ISK as players will have plenty of skills to spend their Skill Points on.
  • All these changes will increase the variety and experience of the Academy, so we are also doubling the exit criteria, from accumulating 2400 War Points to 5000 War Points.

Veteran Experience Edit

Weapons and Turrets Edit

  • A full rebalance of all Sidearms (Nova Knives were done in Charlie), including focused changes to make them all a viable force in battle. Notably all Pistols now inflict increased headshot damage, and have a clear range vs. DPS correlation.
  • A full rebalance of all Sniper Rifles is now live, clarifying the roles while increasing damage and reducing range a little, and rewarding
skill by boosting headshot damage in a big way.
  • Plasma Cannon Projectiles are getting a speed increase to make them a little better at anti-vehicle combat.
  • The Combat Rifle and all Projectile Weaponry is getting a new profile,
going from -5% Shields/+10% Armor, to -15% Shields/+15% Armor.
  • Almost all the Rifles received a tweak with regard to Handling and Accuracy, making them more balanced.
  • We removed all splash from Forge Guns (except Assault), Large Railgun and Large Blaster, added splash to Small Blasters to make them the anti-infantry Turret of choice, also increasing the rotation speed, range and Ammo.
  • Swarm Launcher Missiles are getting a small speed and acceleration buff, so they can actually catch up to Assault Dropships, but they are also getting a nerf in turning radius so they have to make wider turns.
  • We reduced the Rate of Fire of Small Railgun Turrets a little bit, as well as reducing the Assault Dropship ROF bonus to Small Turrets.
  • We also fixed both Large Missile and Large Railgun Turret damage profiles and took the Burst Heavy Machine Gun down a notch, as it was needed.

Roles, Dropsuits and Modules Edit

  • We are buffing Logistics in a big way by changing the Nanite Injector to heal Shields as well. Now those prototype needles are sounding great,
  • Energizers, Rechargers and Regulators are all getting a CPU reduction,
combined with Projectile damage profile, we believe this will make shield tanking considerably more viable.
  • Most Minmatar Dropsuits got a small eHP buff to bring racial parity.
  • For those that like Nova Knives -- and those who don’t -- we have added a Nova Knife PG Optimization Skill, so be sure to look it up in the skill tree!

Vehicles and Vehicle Modules Edit

  • Dropships are getting a welcome buff to eHP and PG/CPU as we want them
to become more suitable as troop transports. A reduction in fitting costs and ISK costs for Small Turrets should assist with that. We are also reducing the cost of the Assault Dropship so they should be considerably less expensive to run, altogether.
  • We are increasing the cooldown period of the Fuel Injector and Afterburner modules to make sure that skilled pilots do not return too quickly to the engagement after being threatened – or earlier at their own risk.
  • We also increased the Supply Depot radius so Vehicles, Dropships and Infantry do not need to get quite so close. We hope that this change increases the strategic importance of holding the Supply Depots in future battles.

Hotfix Charlie Edit

Deployed on 2014-08-13.

You’ll find the numbers that have changed in this Google Docs spreadsheet and these hotfix notes compiled by CCP Logibro.

In Hotfix Charlie, the primary objective was to buff the Assault Dropsuits. Many dedicated Slayers have migrated to the Scout, Logistics and Sentinel dropsuits in the past few months and we wanted to try and bring them back into the fold. However, rather than nerfing the other types of suits, we wanted to do this by updating the Assault to be as powerful as its brethren. Scouring through the data, there were a number of key findings, some quite striking. First of all, the Assault class was by far the least used dropsuit on the battlefield, even heavily outnumbered by their fellow Mediums, the Logistics. Therefore, we added high and low slots so that they now have the same amount of slots per tier as Logistics. We also added a healthy 100 EHP to the Assault dropsuits, split between shield and armor (depending on race). Assaults also had by far the lowest PG/CPU per slot, which was equalized, increasing their fitting options in a significantly. The cherry on top was the fitting bonus to grenades on top of their light/sidearm bonus, further underlining their role as a versatile combat suit.

We were also aware of the fact that Sentinels had too much fitting capability. In some cases, Sentinels could fill every slot with a prototype item without reaching even 70% of their maximum CPU and PG. Light Weapon-wielding Sentinels had also begun to roam the battlefield, causing some consternation. To counter this unintended behavior, we reduced CPU and PG capacity while introducing a fitting bonus to Heavy Weapons. Sentinels can still fit Light Weapons, but now they will need to sacrifice some power elsewhere in their fitting to do so.

Finally, we discussed slot layouts at length with the community and made some changes to those of the Sentinel and Assault Dropsuits as a result. Most suits in these categories have had low slots and high slots swapped around, both to adapt to a more unified EVE Universe racial philosophy (closer to ship layouts in EVE Online) as well as for keeping

a racial consistency within DUST 514.

We also took a second look at the Heavy Machine Gun, a very powerful weapon in the right circumstances. We are happy with the current power and range combined with the changes to Sentinel Dropsuits but want the weapon to be less “hold the trigger to win” and instead more tactical, rewarding skillful application of its high damage. Therefore, we have increased heat buildup so that players need to control their timing, conserving heat yet retaining the raw power of the Heavy Machine Gun.

To keep parity with the range changes for Light Weapons in Hotfix Bravo, the range progression was removed from the Heavy Machine Gun. All Heavy Machine Guns now have the same range as the advanced tier. We also made some radical changes to the Burst HMG to emphasize its role of delivering a massive burst of damage in a short period of time, so we encourage you to give it a go. We expect players to find it especially useful when trying to break through enemies supported by remote repair tools.

A considerable part of the community has been vocal in their support for Factional Warfare

(FW) improvements. We have taken the first step in accommodating Factional Warfare “as a lifestyle” by generously increasing Loyalty Point Rewards for FW battles – in fact, tripling it. We want to see whether players are able to earn enough LP to play exclusively in Faction Gear, and also whether participation in FW increases with these changes. Such increases may pave the way for further improvements in Factional Warfare.

War Point-earned Orbital Bombardments are a contentious topic, and some have called for their complete removal except for those that are provided by EVE Online capsuleers. Many changes have occurred since the original War Point requirement was set, especially considering rapid WP accumulation by individual roles. We also took a look at the data and saw that individuals are quite capable of achieving Orbital Bombardments on their own, which is not quite what was originally intended. We also found that Orbital Bombardments can be reached quite early in the game, unbalancing the capture and hold balance. Finally, when a team is against the ropes, under siege in the Redline, it can quite often end up being bombarded continuously. The conclusion was to double the War Point requirement for Orbital Bombardments.

Large Blaster Turrets also saw some tweaks. The Large Blaster dispersion is being reduced a little by making it regain accuracy faster when closer to maximum dispersion. By using controlled bursts, the Large Blaster Turret will be a little more efficient against Infantry and longer range targets while sustained fire will remain relatively inaccurate and ineffective against infantry at medium range and beyond.

Small Blaster Turrets got yet another look, and players should find it to be quite powerful in its current incarnation. We reined in the dispersion, making it behave more like a rifle than an HMG. However, the damage has been dialed up substantially so as to be formidable on Light Attack Vehicles, Heavy Attack Vehicles, and Dropships. We look forward to hearing your feedback on this weapon that has proven quite challenging to get right.

We wanted to take the opportunity and do an experiment on Sniper Rifle crosshairs. This is a small change, and easily reverted if it proves unpopular. Snipers have complained that the reticule dot obscures the target, so we are replacing the dot with a tiny circle. We will be polling the sniper community after a few weeks and will revert the change in Hotfix Delta if it is not well received.

Scout Electronic Warfare (EWAR) balance was addressed with the intention that no scout would be able to claim complete dominance in any given field. After the changes, all scouts can achieve solid profile dampening, scan precision and scan range by dedicating their fitting towards those goals even though all three cannot be achieved at the same time. Furthermore, all scouts will be able to dampen their profile so that they cannot be detected by the strongest scans. All racial Scouts will still have particular strong suits: Caldari will be able to have the widest range, Amarr the highest precision, Minmatar the fastest hacking and the Gallente the lowest signature profile, both due to their innate abilities as well as a combination of slot layouts and modules. These changes were discussed at length with the Scout community and we ended up with a solution that most players agreed with.

A few modules got buffed in Charlie: Reactive Plates will now have improved repair rates per tier, while Kinetic Catalyst and Codebreaker PG requirements are being reduced. Sidearm Damage Modifiers are getting a very large buff while Light Weapon Modifiers receive a more moderate buff as well.

Nova Knifes also got a well-deserved buff, and we encourage you to go out and try them in your Sidearm slot instead of using your trusty old Submachine Gun. Nova Knife range was increased, as well as damage for standard and advanced versions. Charge time has been reduced for standard knives, and we also made changes to hit detection and swing timing, making them more predictable. Finally, Nova Knives now do half of their rated damage against all vehicles, so at last you can kill a tank with a knife! We expect to see some videos of squads attempting to do so shortly after Hotfix Charlie goes live.

A common complaint about Swarm Launchers was that the damage progression was too steep per tier. We agree, and increased the damage of Standard and Advanced Swarm Launchers while reducing the number of missiles per swarm. This may result in improved frame rate overall as rendering the multiple missiles could cause a drop in frame rate. This also reduces the amount that dropships get knocked around when getting hit by higher tier swarm launchers.

For Vehicles we will be increasing the Recall Timer as pilots under threat can too easily evade the enemy and recall, even under heavy fire. Now pilots will have to fully disengage from the battle if they wish to recall their vehicles.

Turret Installations were revisited in a big way. Installations have always been more of a bother and a source of free warpoints rather than a threat. The Turret Installation will now have a clear defined role: a strong defensive AI unit with a small area of denial that can be an effective offensive tool in the hands of a skilled player. Each Turret Installation will have the exact same range as its Large Turret equivalent, but a much smaller threat radius. It will however react to being attacked at its full range, so don’t provoke them unless you’re looking for a fight. They will also not attack Infantry at all without provocation, so Turrets can be hacked at relatively low risk. Finally, we gave all Turret Installations a large EHP boost and a small passive armor repair rate so they will be difficult to solo, but still be killable over time. Our intent is that these changes will instill a strategic element in all battles, as dealing with Turret Installation will require teamwork, both to destroy them and/or hack them, or just simply to ignore them as they will be more passive with a known threat radius. We are also hoping that these stronger turrets will be of bigger use to teams under siege in their own dropzone. This will also help solve the issue of AI-directed redline Turrets, specifically Missile Turrets, being a dangerous aggressor towards Dropships at extreme ranges, with a similar but smaller effect for Rail Turrets against Heavy Attack Vehicles.

We also gave Clone Reserve Units and Supply Depots a passive repair rate so they need focused teamwork to destroy and eliminated “slowdown on hit” from all Turrets to keep in line with the Infantry weapon changes in Bravo.

Hotfix Bravo Edit

Deployed 2014-06-18

If you‘d like to dive deeper into the stats, you’ll the numbers that have changed in this Google Docs spreadsheet.

In Hotfix Bravo we wanted to address Time to Kill in vehicle engagements. Large Rail Turrets have been a little too effective since 1.8, and coupled with powerful Damage Amplifiers,

vehicle battles have been reduced to very short engagements, instead of
being tactical. As such, both have been reduced slightly in efficiency.
However, we have also reduced the effectiveness of Heavy Armour Repairers
as they have been too effective overall, often being able to repair too
much incoming damage, especially from Infantry-based AV weapons.

Since the Large Blaster Turret was made less efficient against Infantry with Hotfix Alpha we wanted to make the Small Blaster Turret

the vehicle weapon of choice against Infantry. With its increased rate of fire, reduced heat build-up and improved hit detection, it should behave much like a vehicle-mounted Heavy Machine Gun. Both Blaster Turrets were given the HMG-style reticule to make the increased dispersion and shooting mechanic clearer to players. We are hoping that these changes encourage more versatile playstyles for all our pilots/drivers.

We paid special attention to our new players in Hotfix Bravo. New Militia Weapons have been added so all of New Eden’s races have access to their preferred style of light weaponry. New players will now be able

to try out – without Skill Point investment – the Militia Amarr Scrambler Rifle, Militia Minmatar Combat Rifle and Militia Caldari Rail Rifle as well as the Militia Mass Driver, the Militia Plasma Cannon and the Militia Laser Rifle, all accessible in the Militia Gear section of the Marketplace.

As this includes the aforementioned Militia Rifles, the racial Frontline Starter Fits

have been updated to incorporate the correct racial rifle for each race. All new players will continue to have access to the ever-familiar Gallente Assault Rifle in their Medic Starter Fits. Our hope is that the Academy will be much more engaging and representative of DUST 514 gameplay with these changes.

On the subject of the Academy, we have increased its duration to the accumulation of 2, 400 War Points instead of 1, 200 WP as was the case before. We have also added an Ambush Map into the Academy rotation.

Ambush battles have been discussed intensively over the last months and

community concerns have been raised that these battles tend to become very one-sided due to the overt influence of vehicles. Based on that community feedback, we are removing all vehicles from Ambush battles. However, vehicles will still remain available in Ambush OMS battles.

Rifle Balance is always a hot topic, albeit complicated, and we wanted to take a big step towards simplifying our designs. Therefore, all range progression with higher tiers has been removed and all Rifles of the same type now have the same range. For example, Gallente Assault Rifles all now have the same range, while all Gallente Breach Assault Rifles now also have the same range, and so on. We also used the opportunity to increase the damage output of the three Gallente Rifle variants to give players at least two viable weapons of each Fire Mode – Assault (Automatic - high ROF), Semi-Automatic (Tactical), Breach (Automatic - low ROF) and Burst – while taking into account damage output versus range.

In Hotfix Bravo we took a closer look at Shield Tanking, and improved nearly all Shield Modules generously across the board. We wanted to make them true alternatives to Armor Modules and hope that we will see more Shield Tankers on the battlefield from now on.

Finally, we fixed an issue with Basic Heavy Dropsuit PG/CPU being too low, and added low slots to the Amarr Assault and Basic Medium Dropsuits. We also added damage progression to Remote Explosives while increasing damage for those Tank-Hunting experts using them. The Plasma Cannon

should be even more viable and fun to handle now with its increased ROF
due to the shortening of the delay after firing before reloading.

Hotfix Alpha Edit

Deployed 2014-06-04

If you‘d like to dive deeper into the stats, please use the Google Docs spreadsheet as a reference.

In Hotfix Alpha, we wanted to address brick tanking, so we increased speed penalties of standard and advanced plates and increased their fitting costs. We also provide alternative options with drastically reduced fitting costs for reactive and ferroscale plates, and a substantial increase of repair rates on repair modules.

We are also providing more infantry anti-vehicle options by massively boosting the Plasma Cannon damage, as well as AV grenade damage. The Plasma Cannon takes skill to use, so it should be rewarding to those to specialize in it. We also reduced Locus grenade damage a little bit to make other types of grenades, such as the Flux and AV, more interesting to players.

The infantry-versus-vehicles balance should also be improved a little by our modifications of Large Blaster accuracy. It shouldn‘t affect tank-versus-tank battles, but will make the Blaster sniping of infantry at long ranges more difficult. The Large Blaster should still remain a strong close combat weapon against vehicles and infantry but be used more for infantry suppression at longer ranges.

Gallente scouts have been quite powerful since 1.8 and needed a look, specifically when it comes to their dampening bonus and scan range bonus. The Caldari scout passive scan range bonus was also reduced, as it is one of the most powerful scanners available.

We have made sure that the cloak, albeit still powerful, now rewards players for investing in the higher tiers by reducing the dampening bonus and duration. The 25% dampening bonus of the cloak allowed quite a

bit of leeway in fittings, particularly for Gallente scouts with their native dampening, and 3HP/s regeneration rate.

Planetary Conquest Edit

Goals: • To replace income from passive sources with an increase in active income earned by fighting in Planetary Conquest battles. • To re-establish the value of district ownership as the following: ◦ Logistical convenience and cost efficiency through clone production and availability. ◦ Content generation (as a launching platform for attacks, and a target of attacks) • To facilitate easier entry into Planetary Conquest by adjusting clone pack utility and cost

Changed: • The resale value of excess clones generated by districts or victory in battle will be set to zero. • The Biomass value earned by killing a clone in battle will be increased to 200,000 isk. • Clone pack size increased to 150. This should help more corporations gain a foothold into Planetary Conquest. • Clone pack cost adjusted to 45 million isk. This is consistent with the current price of 300,000 isk per clone, and ensures that corps attacking their own districts do so at a loss.

We tweaked the Assault Rifles a little bit, reducing the Combat Rifle damage a little bit and boosted the Gallente Assault Rifle (Plasma). Overall the rifles are in a good place, but this small change is warranted.

Now for some unexpected changes that I hope you all like.

We have reduced the slow-down effect from bullets down to zero, eliminating „stun-locking“. This will potentially have a slight adverse affect on the efficiency of high ROF weapons, HMG‘s and Combat Rifles in

particular, both of which are doing quite well on the battlefield right
now. We will keep a close eye on this over the next few weeks.

Second, we found and fixed the range issues on the Bolt Pistol and the Ion Pistol.

Uprising 1.8Edit

Deployed on 2014-04-25

Path to Game and Overall UI Edit

* Inline skill book purchasing added back to the marketplace.

Gameplay Edit

* War Point rewards for vehicle damage have been reintroduced.

Dropsuits Edit

* Added Caldari, Gallente and Minmatar Heavy Frames. This includes Basic, Sentinel and Commando roles for each faction. * Added Caldari and Amarr Light Frames. This includes Basic and Scout roles for each faction. * Base stats have been adjusted for all Medium Frames. This includes Basic, Assault and Logistics roles. * For full details of the dropsuit changes, please see the dev blogs available on the DUST 514 website.

Weapons Edit

* Added Caldari Magsec SMG. * Added Caldari Bolt Pistol. * Added Gallente Ion Pistol. * Mass Driver: - Increased base direct/splash damage from 242/116 to 300/145. * Laser Rifle: - Increased effective range and increased damage at short range, reduced heat cost at ADV and PRO tiers. - Improved zoom FOV. * Time-to-kill (TTK) improvements: - Proficiency skills of handheld weapons now grant 3% damage per level to either armor or shields (depending on the relevant weapon’s profile) rather than a flat increase to both. - Damage mods have been reduced to 3%/4%/5% bonus to weapon damage from 3%/5%/10% previously. - Base damage has been reduced on the following weapons: Assault Rifle,

Scrambler Rifle, Combat Rifle, Rail Rifle, Submachine Gun.

- Grenade count has been reduced by 1 for all grenade types.

Modules/Equipment Edit

* Added Cloak Field equipment. * Altered stats of existing equipment: - Active scanner cooldown times increased. Scanner functionality changed to now perform "snapshot" scans in order to stop 360 degree spins. - Range on repair tools reduced. - Drop uplink spawn times increased. - Nanohive nanite supply reduced.

Skills Edit

* Altered existing skills for Assault, Scout, Sentinel, Commando and Logistics roles: * Assault [5% reduction to PG/CPU cost of light/sidearm weapons per level] - Caldari Assault: +5% to reload speed of hybrid railgun light/sidearm weapons per level. - Gallente Assault: 5% reduction to hybrid - blaster light/sidearm hip-fire dispersion and kick per level. - Minmatar Assault: +5% to projectile light/sidearm clip size per level. - Amarr Assault: 5% reduction to laser weaponry heat build-up per level. * Logistics [5% reduction to PG/CPU cost of equipment per level] - Caldari Logistics: +10% to nanohive maximum nanites and +5% to supply rate and repair amount per level. - Gallente Logistics: +10% to active scanner visibility duration and +5% to active scanner precision per level. - Minmatar Logistics: +10% to repair tool range and 5% to repair amount per level. - Amarr Logistics: 10% reduction to drop uplink spawn time and +2 to maximum spawn count per level. * Sentinel [+5% damage resistance to splash damage per level] - Caldari Sentinel: 3% shield resistance to hybrid - blaster weapons, 2% shield resistance to laser weapons per level. - Gallente Sentinel: 3% armor resistance to hybrid - railgun weapons, 2% armor resistance to projectile weapons per level. - Minmatar Sentinel: 3% shield resistance to laser weapons, 2% armor resistance to hybrid - blaster weapons per level. - Amarr Sentinel: 3% armor resistance to projectile weapons, 2% shield resistance to hybrid - railgun weapons per level. * Commando [5% reduction to reload speed of light/sidearm weapons per level] - Caldari Commando: +2% damage to light hybrid – railgun weapons per level. - Gallente Commando: +2% damage to light hybrid – blaster weapons per level. - Minmatar Commando: +2% damage to light projectile and explosive weapons per level. - Amarr Commando: +2% damage to light laser weapons per level. * Scout [+15% reduction to PG/CPU cost of cloak field per level] - Caldari Scout: +5% bonus to dropsuit scan radius and scan precision per level. - Gallente Scout: +5% bonus to dropsuit scan radius and 5% reduction to scan profile per level. - Minmatar Scout: 5% bonus to hacking speed and Nova Knife damage per level. - Amarr Scout: +5% bonus to stamina regen and maximum stamina per level.

Planetary Conquest Edit

* Locking a district will now ensure the attacker loses clones and ISK when there is no battle.

Factional Warfare Edit

* Adjusted the battle spawning so that factions will need to spend more

time defending their districts proportionally to the number of districts they control.

Other Edit

* Improved performance on certain maps that had a high installation count. * To ensure parity with EVE Online support, customer support for DUST 514 will now only be offered in the following languages: English, Russian, Japanese, and German.

Uprising 1.7Edit

Uprising 1.7 Patch Notes:

deployed 2013-12-10

Path to Game and Overall UIEdit

  • Made back end optimizations to reduce stalls when scrolling lists.
  • Integrated sound effects in the end of match screen.


  • Updated tooltips on/off option to be dynamic based on input type.
  • Added Separate sensitivity settings when aiming down sights and hipfire for both *keyboard/mouse and controller.
  • Granular sensitivity options to 0-100 (previously 0-10).


Improved spawning in Ambush.

  • Reduced possibility of spawning into a group of enemies when battle starts.
  • Transport Assists are no longer reduced when passenger accrues negative war points during assist window.
  • Added intel kill assist rewards for vehicle scanners.


  • Removed the hit indication UI and reticle color change from null cannon installations.
  • Repositioned target intel readout to be closer to the gun.
  • Added warning for vehicle active damage modifiers to target intel.


  • Vehicles have received significant updates. They are being rebuilt and rebalanced from the ground up. Once we’ve established a solid foundation we will start to introduce more types and build back out.
  • Vehicle turrets now have ammunition.
  • Added the ability to reload turrets.
  • Added new Ammo Expansion Unit module to increase total ammo.
  • Enabled turret ammo resupply at supply depot installations.
  • Updated third person dropship camera.
  • Renamed vehicle modules to be consistent with dropsuit gear naming conventions.
  • Added a damage threshold for triggering the shield recharge delay on vehicles to prevent low damage weapons from * delaying vehicle shield recharge.
  • Adding owner and squad lock timers to vehicles.

- No-one apart from the vehicle owner can get into a vehicle for 5 seconds after delivery.

- No-one apart from the vehicle owner and his squad can get into a vehicle for 15 seconds after delivery.

  • Improved low LOD vehicle animation.
  • Logistics LAV and Enforcer HAV roles have been removed pending an update before reintroduction. Available roles are:

- Standard HAV - Caldari & Gallente.

- Standard LAV - Caldari & Gallente.

- Standard Dropship - Caldari & Gallente.

- Assault Dropship - Caldari & Gallente.

  • Vehicle physics have been updated.

- Gallente ground vehicles have slower acceleration and higher straight line speed, while Caldari vehicles have quicker acceleration with lower top speed.

- LAV - smoothed out power delivery.

- HAV - increased speed and maneuverability.

  • Turrets have been streamlined to their most necessary archetypes (standard to prototype). Available small and large turrets are:

- Railgun.

- Blaster.

- Missile.

  • Large and small turrets have been rebalanced.
  • Some vehicle turret slots are now optional. Not fitting the turret will remove the seat entirely from the vehicle.
  • Module offerings have been streamlined to their most necessary archetypes. Available modules are:

- Shield Boosters.

- Shield Hardeners.

- Shield Extenders.

- Armour plates.

- Armour repairers.

- Armour hardeners.

- Damage amplifiers (per weapon types i.e. rail, blaster, missile).

- Ammo Expansion Unit (per weapon type i.e. rail, blaster, missile).

- CPU upgrades.

- Power Grid Upgrades.

- Scanners.

- Mobile CRU.

- Afterburners.

- Boosts.

  • Vehicle skills have been updated and skills not currently used/needed removed.

For more details on the vehicle changes please view the dev blog posted on


  • Added Minmatar Combat Rifles.
  • Added Caldari Rail Rifles.
  • Updated rifle weapon ranges.
  • Reduced AV grenade damage (Standard: 1050 to 725; Advanced: 1260 to 870; Prototype: 1470 to 1015).
  • Reduced Swarm Launcher damage (330 to 220).
  • Reduced Swarm Launcher lock-on range from 400m to 175m.
  • Added physical impulses to all weapon impacts.
  • Removed physical recoil force on Assault Dropship small turrets.
  • Forge Guns damage has been decreased for all variants, and charge time increased on all variants but Breach.


  • Improved vehicle shield and armor repair effects.


  • When a repair tool is the active item all friendly HP bars will now be visible.
  • Added shield extender 3% penalty - stacking slows down the depleted shield recharge delay.


  • Added a new volcano mood.
  • Added a new Caldari cityscape terrain backdrop.
  • Introduction of new volcano terraforming.

Factional ContractsEdit

  • Friendly fire has been enabled in all factional contract matches. Please watch your fire while participating in these battles.
  • The ability to punish team kills has been added to factional contract matches. You may now forgive or punish teammates when they kill you.
  • If a player receives multiple punishes for team killing they will be removed from all factional contract matches and unable to join again for the day.
  • Dealing damage to teammates, team vehicles and team equipment will be tracked on a per match basis. If a player deals 5,000 damage to teammates, vehicles or equipment in a single match they will be removed from the match and unable to join again for the rest of the day. Damage to installations is not counted.
  • Factional contract matches will no longer pay out ISK rewards.
  • Salvage in factional contract matches will now be based on what players on the other team lose in the match.
  • A new factional warfare tab has been added to the end of match screen demonstrating the status of factional warfare within New Eden and how the match you've played affected the universe.


  • Winning matches in factional contracts will earn you standing towards the side you are fighting for and lower standing towards the side you are fighting against.
  • Getting kicked from a match due to friendly fire will lower your standing towards the faction you were fighting for.
  • Your standings progress is now shown on the progression end of match screen.
  • You can also see your standings in the character information sheet under the new standings tab.

Loyalty PointsEdit

  • Participating in factional contract matches will earn participants loyalty points for the faction they are fighting for.
  • Loyalty points can be spent on the market in the Loyalty Store section. Each faction has their own area in the loyalty store in which only their loyalty points can be spent.
  • The higher your standing with a faction the higher your loyalty point payout at the end of the match.
  • Four new faction boosters (one for each faction) have been added to the market. These boosters increase your loyalty point payout for the booster’s faction.
  • New specialist weapons have been added to the market and are only available in the loyalty store. These weapons offer prototype equivalent stats with lower CPU/PG usage and no other drawbacks.
  • New equipment only available in the loyalty store has been added to the market.
  • Aurum items that offered equivalent stats to their ISK counterparts with only lower skill requirements have been made available in the loyalty store.

Orbital BombardmentEdit

  • Warbarge strikes have been removed from factional contracts.
  • EVE orbital strikes are now earned within EVE by capturing a complex above the district where a battle is taking place.
  • EVE orbital strikes are no longer based on war points.
  • When an EVE orbital strike is earned, all squad leaders are able to call the strike in. It is up to the EVE pilot to pick which request to fulfill.
  • Both EVE pilot and warbarge orbital strikes can be found directly under the Off Map Support menu option instead of Off Map Support / Orbital Bombardments.
  • Starship Strikes have been renamed to Orbital Strikes to be consistent with what it is now called in EVE.
  • Warbarge - Precision Strike has been renamed to Warbarge Strike.


  • Monthly and weekly versions of all the leaderboards have been added.
  • Monthly leaderboards start on the first day of the month and end on the last.
  • Weekly leaderboards start on Wednesday and end on Tuesday.

Bug fixes and polishEdit

  • Fixed:

Multiple RDV navigation issues around sockets.

Multiple high drop off problems with the RDV.

Camera drift on the Move.

Explosive damage error that sometimes resulted in too much damage being dealt.

Crash related to MKB weapon switching.

Aim assist problems on vehicles and turrets (certain aspects were not working correctly).

Issue that allowed players to rapid fire shotguns and mass drivers.

SMG crosshair going blue instead of red on enemies.

Issue with HP bars not being displayed properly when using turrets.

‘Invisible weapon’ bug.

‘Double weapon’ bug (two items in hand at once).

Impact effect culling issues with large turrets.

Issues where having multiple nanite injectors equipped would cause auto revive to not work.

Issues with nanite injectors auto switch feature causing you to switch back when you don’t want to.

Issues with nanite injector prompt vanishing if you switch directly to nanite injector.

Issue with drop uplinks that (sometimes) prevents valid drop uplinks from being displayed.

Bug that caused effects to become dissociated with the muzzle of the repair tool.

Some errors with the scan feedback messages being displayed for long periods of time.

Revive icon being displayed for non nanite users.

Weapon reloading loop that could occur in high lag situations.

Bug that was causing errors in view distance rendering for vehicles.

Bug with vehicle module cooldown UI that was giving incorrect feedback.

Issues with full screen hit indication to ensure it is always based on firing location.


  • Re-factored incremental patch system.
  • Implemented crash reporting and performance monitoring that collects information from players which will improve game stability and performance.
  • You can now delete or mark all mail as read in the currently selected mailbox with a single operation.
  • Characters in chat and on the scoreboard are now sorted correctly so that characters beginning with lower case letters are not at the bottom.
  • The squad finder icon has been updated.
  • EVE players connected to a district will show up in team chat for the side they are on and can connect to voice. This affects both factional contracts and planetary conquest.

Uprising 1.6 Edit

Uprising 1.6 Patch Notes:

Release date: 5th November


  • Increased scan radius from 10 meters to 16 meters on Scout and Basic Light Frame suits.
  • Increased the repair tools’ rate of repair (general values for each tier): Standard and Militia: 40 HP/s, Advanced: 60 HP/s, Prototype: 70 HP/s.
  • Adjusted the heavy dropsuit hit points: (shown below)
  • Increased Basic and Sentinel armor/shield hit points from 405/405 to 480/480.
  • Increased Commando armor/shield hit points from 250/250 to 325/325.


  • Added stabilization for Militia Dropships to the control scheme to make them easier to fly.


  • Reduced the Forge gun blast radius.

- Standard: from 2.5m to 1.5m,

- Advanced: from 2.75m to 1.8m,

- Prototype: from 3m to 2.1m.

Bug fixes and polishEdit

  • Battle finder now shows a correct clone reserve count for corporation battles.
  • Fixed missing hints on create button in Squad Finder.
  • Applied fixes to vehicle turrets.
  • Several graphical fixes regarding SSAO and Shadows.
  • Fixed an issue where players would hang at the Show Info window if closed rapidly.
  • Fixed an issue where players were not able to see server name and player count during server VIP mode.
  • Further improvements to overall hit detection.
  • Specific improvements made to shotgun hit detection.
  • Specific improvements made to Nova Knife hit detection.
  • Fixed a bug where players were getting stuck on the front of the HAV.
  • Fixed a bug that caused strange behaviour with third person mesh when killed in a turret.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the third person mesh to sometimes 'freeze' if killed whilst crouching.
  • Fixed a bug that caused equipment to slide on the base of the null cannon.
  • Fixed a bug with visual corruption on wreck materials.

Uprising 1.5Edit

Uprising 1.5 Patch Notes:

Release date: 8th October


  • The Neocom is now open by default in all cases where the Mercenary Quarters would previously be the default view. It can still be closed to move around the Mercenary Quarters.
  • The third person camera switches to view the active character from the front when the Neocom is open.
  • Various relevant tips have been added to the fitting screen panels.
  • The “back” button when editing a fit in the fitting screen has been renamed to “finish”.
  • The Skills window correctly gives the default action for not purchased skills as “purchase” rather than “train”.
  • Added Squad Finder:
  • The Squad Finder allows you to find and join publicly listed squads and squads lead by members of your corporation and/or alliance.
  • When you create a squad with the Squad Finder you can enter a short description and choose whether the squad should be private, public or only available to corporation and/or alliance members. You can change the squad's settings afterwards as well.
  • Each squad listing includes a latency indicator which shows you your own latency to the squad leader's region.

New Player ExperienceEdit

  • Initial tutorials have been completely revised, now following a task-driven structure that rewards players for demonstrating proficiency in joining battles, creating fittings and training skills. These tasks are not mandatory, but represent common tasks that all players will want to complete anyway. Rewards take the form of militia dropsuits, vehicles, weapons and modules.


  • New War Points rewards have been added:
  • Intel Assist

- Rewards the scanner 15 War Points if their squad members kill scanned enemies, 25 War Points for vehicles or installations. Scanning War Points will still be received up to 10 seconds after a scan has ended if the target was damaged whilst scanned.

  • Equipment destruction - rewards the destruction of enemy equipment with 5 War Points.
  • Transport assist - After troops have been transported over 100M from the point where they boarded, the pilot will receive a reward equivalent to 15% of the War Points disembarked passengers earn for one minute.
  • Headshot Kill - 60 War Points.
  • Counter hacking - rewards a counter hack with 75 War Points.
  • Updated War Point reward message UI.


  • Corporation CEOs and directors can now hand out roles to other members in their corporation.
  • The following roles can be granted (in addition to the director role):

- Accountant: Responsible for a corporation's wallet. Accountants have the ability to transfer ISK from the corporation's mercenary wallet as well as monitor the corporation's wallet transactions.

- Personnel Director: Charged with growing a corporation's membership. A personnel director has the ability to accept applications to the corporation from other mercenaries.

- Terrestrial Combat Officer: Charged with organizing a corporation's ground fighting forces. Terrestrial combat officers can join all planetary conquest conflicts bringing members of their squad into the battle with them. The mercenaries in the squad being brought into the battle do not need to be members of the terrestrial combat officer's corporation.

- Terrestrial Logistics Officer: Responsible for managing a corporation's terrestrial operations and logistics. This includes managing district reinforcement windows, district surface infrastructures, moving and selling clones.

Bug fixes and polishEdit

  • Network library has been optimized for better network performance.
  • Improved server-client performance.
  • Rendering fixes.
  • Fixed melee exploit that allowed multiple fast melee strikes.
  • Fixed issue with drop uplinks that (sometimes) prevents valid drop uplinks from being displayed.
  • Fixed RDV navigation issues around sockets in almost all situations.

Uprising 1.4Edit

Uprising 1.4 Patch Notes:

Size: 2.3GB


  • We have introduced a new “Recent Updates” screen. This screen will be shown the first time a player logs in each day (with the day rolling over during downtime). It contains: mail notifications, SP progression, augmentation countdown and a main panel that switches between market, event news and daily bonus
  • Added timestamps in chat
  • Polished pop-up windows, tuned background and blur effects
  • Hooked up the end of match summary screen for the previous battle to the Neocom. Players can now access the last match's stats and player list


  • Mouse rotation speed caps have been removed
  • Mouse sensitivity settings have been updated
  • Replaced old mouse smoothing with a new system
  • Tuned radial menus for mouse settings (weapon/equipment select) to make them easier to use
  • Overhauled, retuned and reactivated aim assists for the control pad


  • Fixed a bug that was making dropsuit strafe speeds too fast
  • Increased the strafe speeds for all dropsuits from their values in Uprising 1.1 (net result is slower speeds than Uprising 1.3)
  • Removed rotation modifier on heavy frames - all frames can now rotate at the same speed


  • Added squad leader icon for player tags
  • Added RDV drop off location icon for HUD
  • Shared passive scanner vision for squads disabled (results of active scanners are still shared with squads)
  • Team member chevrons now only visible when they are in line of sight. Squad chevrons remain visible and will still stick to the edge of the screen
  • HP bars and name tag visible only for what you are aiming/firing at
  • Hit indication from allied sources when friendly fire is disabled
  • Updated name tags displayed while in the War Barge


  • Updated LAV free cam view when using the mouse so that it is more dynamic
  • New vehicle/infantry collision system & damage tuning to lower the effect of the 'murder taxi'
  • Improved dropship camera view
  • Improved turret aiming and camera view


  • The Amarr Laser Rifle has a new red-dot sight, replacing the old iron-sight
  • Increased ADS (aim down sights) aiming speed with the Amarr Laser Rifle
  • Swarm Launcher base lock-on time has been increased to 1.4 from 1.2 and its fire interval has been reduced from 2 to 0.3


  • Improved animation LOD switching for better visual display
  • Added new vehicle shield and vehicle armour effects
  • Optimizations made to vehicle models and dropship thruster effects to decrease performance cost
  • Made Visual improvements to SSAO, rays and dynamic tone mapping
  • Added HUD translucency option
  • Environment Mood colour values reset to match the corresponding level moods
  • Fixed particle lights so weapons and objects around the player will be illuminated when firing a weapon
  • Fixed shield impact effects for small handheld weapons so it’s visually easier to recognize if you are inflicting shield or armour damage


  • Adjusted Armor Plate attributes

- HP bonus of 85/110/135 (Basic/Enhanced/Complex) and speed penalties of 2%/3%/5% (with full skill bonuses this equates to 93.5/121/148.5)

  • Adjusted Ferroscale Plate attributes

- HP bonus of 35/50/75 (with full skill bonuses this equates to 38.5/55/82.5)

  • Adjusted Reactive Plate attributes

- HP bonus of 25/40/60 and speed penalties of 0%/1%/1% (with full skill bonuses this equates to 27.5/44/66)

  • Made deployed enemy equipment detectable with the active scanner
  • Active Scanner now causes detected objects to pulse on the HUD/minimap/overview map so that you can more easily identify scan results
  • Updated equipment deployment system to prevent deployment failures


  • Implemented Surface Infrastructure Sets so now medium and small socket components are defined by the large socket component in the map
  • Introduction of the “Research Facility" Surface Infrastructure, comprising one large outpost with several integrated medium and small sockets
  • Three new battlegrounds in a brand new mission terrain: Impact Ridge, Fracture Road, Border Gulch
  • Added new night mood layer


  • Matchmaking has been rebuilt from the ground up to offer more balanced matches, more flexibility, and future proofing
  • Matchmaking will now vary wait times in order to try and build better teams
  • In conjunction with the new matchmaking system, the Battle Finder has been rebuilt to take advantage of the new matchmaking features
  • Instant Battles are now all combined into Public Contracts; players can now select which game modes they wish to queue for allowing them to now queue for multiple game modes
  • Factional Warfare battles are now available as a queue known as Faction Contracts; players can choose which faction(s) they wish to queue for
  • Corporation Battles are now found under Corporation Contracts
  • Implemented idle timer to prevent AFK farming in battle ground or MCC. Players not performing any PVP action in a certain period of time will be kicked out of the game


  • New daily activity bonus: 3000SP for the first day, increasing by 500SP every consecutive day. Daily bonus is capped at 6000SP (attained after 7 days of consecutive logins)
  • All handheld weapon reload skills now have a cost multiplier of x3 (down from x6) and their skill book ISK price reduced to 203,000 from 774,000
  • All heavy weapon reload skills now provide a 5% bonus, up from 3%
  • The Forge Gun, Mass Driver, Swarm Launcher, and Plasma Cannon ammo skills now provide 1 extra unit of ammo for each level of the skill (for a maximum of 5) instead of a % bonus per level
  • The HMG Operation skill bonus has been changed from reducing heat build-up to reducing recoil by 5% per level
  • The Swarm Launcher Operation skill bonus has been changed from increasing the clip size to reducing the lock-on time by 5%
  • The Scrambler Rifle Operation skill bonus has been changed from reducing charge time to increasing cooldown speed by 5% (does not affect overheat cool-down speed). This affects the base and Assault variants


  • Corporation tax:

- Corporations can now set a tax rate. The tax rate is the same for both EVE and DUST players in the corporation and can be set in either DUST or EVE. To set the tax rate in DUST you must be either a director or CEO of the corporation and go to edit the corporation details; the same location you would edit the corporation description. Tax is set as a percentage and will be deducted from all corp members whenever they receive income from a battle. Only rewards of 100,000 ISK or more will be taxed.


  • The Starmap now has better planet rendering
  • Colours on the Starmap have been reassigned and NPC empires will now have their appropriate colours.

Bug fixes and polishEdit

  • Fixed a bug on vehicles that prevented them from using the correct view distance at certain angles
  • More hit detection improvements
  • Various visual effect bug fixes
  • Resolved voice chat connectivity issues related to Vivox

Uprising 1.3Edit

Uprising 1.3 Patch Notes:

Release Date: July 30th. Patch size: 40MB

New Player ExperienceEdit

  • Academy matches now take place in an 8v8 Ambush setting, doing this makes the early matches more focused allowing players to gradually learn how to play.

Battle FinderEdit

  • Ambush and Ambush OMS queues have been combined


  • Weapon efficiency % readout now uses new absolute range setting instead of effective range, meaning it now provides info at all ranges.


  • Logistics update:

- Gave the Amarr logistics suit an additional low slot at PROTOTYPE tier and a third equipment slot at ADVANCED tier.

- Introduced the sidearm slot at STANDARD tier level instead of PROTOTYPE tier, so the role gets its defining characteristic from the start.

- Increased Amarr Logistics PG: 3 at STD (up to 36 from 33), 4 at ADV (up to 50 from 46) and 6 at PRO (up to 72 from 66).

- Altered the shield recharge delays of all Logistics suits to be closer to Assault suits.

- Lower Caldari Logistics CPU: 20 at STD (down to 175 from 195), 28 at ADV (down to 245 from 273) and 40 at PRO (down to 350 from 390).

  • Adjusted Caldari Logistics and Assault bonuses as per the below:

- OLD:

Caldari Logistics: 5% bonus to shield extenders per level.

Caldari Assault: 2% bonus to hybrid weapon reload speed.

- NEW:

Caldari Logistics: 5% bonus to shield regulators per level.

Caldari Assault: 2% bonus to shield extenders per level.


  • Flaylock Pistols:

- Reduced base splash damage from 195 to 140.

- Reduced base direct hit damage from 218 to 165.

- Reduced the blast radius to 1.25 from 1.5 meters for ADVANCED tier, and from 2.0 to 1.5 meters for PROTOTYPE tier.

- Modified ammo skill to give 1 missile per level instead of 5% per level.

- Modified fitting skill to give a CPU bonus instead of PG.

- Reduced ammo pool from 21 to 15 at STANDARD tier; 18 at ADVANCED tier and 21 at PROTOTYPE tier.

  • Contact grenades:

- Lowered ammo count to 1.

- Homogenised PG/CPU.

- Homogenised blast damage and radius.


  • Chat channel name limit increased to 60 characters.
  • Enlarged the Aurum purchase window and added show info button.


  • Added shadow-casting on the first person hands and weapon.

Bug fixes and polishEdit

  • Fixed an issue that could cause deployable equipment to become unusable.
  • Fixed an issue by which changing seats in a vehicle could cause the player to become invisible.
  • Fixed an issue wherein the player could be killed by a flux grenade.
  • Fixed an issue with the overheat system, where turrets and infantry weapons would fire indefinitely without depleting ammunition.
  • Fixed an issue affecting the laser and scrambler rifles, whereby reloading during the cool-down rendered the weapon unable to shoot.
  • Fixed a low level issue that was causing several infrequent crashes and hangs.
  • Fixed an infrequent crash when loading a Skirmish match from the Instant Battle tab in the Battlefinder.
  • Fixed an erroneous corruption message when loading a Skirmish match from the Instant Battle tab in the Battlefinder.
  • Removed shadow artifacts appearing on flat surfaces.
  • Smoothed out the animation of players in the distance.

Uprising 1.2Edit

Deployment date: July 2nd 2013

Uprising 1.2 Patch Notes:

Path to Game and Related UIEdit

  • Implemented logging out character from NeoCom.

Spawning and End of MatchEdit

  • Added "call for help" button to kill screen.
  • Updated strings and information on the kill screen to better differentiate between bleeding out and death state.
  • Updated icons for bleeding out so logistics can distinguish between players that have and have not called for help.
  • New icons for EOM stats screen.


  • Added Commando dropsuit role.
  • Added Neo dropsuits for all roles.
  • Updated third person female walk animations.


  • Updated weapon range system to include absolute range (Giving us optimal, effective and absolute ranges).
  • Updated range settings for all handheld weapons to allow for damage to be dealt over longer distances.
  • Increased weapon switching speed.
  • Fixed aiming friction on turrets when pitching so it is correctly applied.
  • Improvements to location of fallen character for revive.
  • Fixed slight misalignment with forge gun projectile.
  • Increased spawn height of orbital strike to ensure it didn't miss highly positioned enemies.
  • Fixed client/server mismatch on equipment deployment locations.


  • Added new dropsuit modules:

- Ferroscale armor plates.

- Reactive armor plates.

- Shield energizers.

  • Increased radius for nanite injector revival.


  • Added new yellow sun mood layer.
  • Added new night mood layer.
  • Added two new terraforming types.
  • Manus Peak:

- fixed the issue where MCC shield would let bullets through.

  • Fixed navigation issue regarding movement along vertical covers/walls.


  • New material types for ladders and snow.
  • New UI sounds.
  • Moment-to-moment audio improvements.
  • More information on taking hits.
  • 3rd person reload sounds.
  • Memory and CPU optimizations.
  • Fix ducking problem on killing enemies.
  • Fix echo problem in Biomass.
  • An issue where voice was not available for certain very old chat channels has been fixed.
  • Smooth sound of LAVs in the distance.


  • Fixed mail list, now player can roll down to bottom of the list to load up to 1500 latest emails.
  • Added several new attribute icons.
  • Now the weapon switcher will display the remaining number of deployable equipment.
  • Now the background colour of Corporation logo on player list will always display red for enemy and blue for friendly.
  • Now the MCC hit point indicator on spawn page will display in correct colour, red for enemy and blue for friendly.
  • Unified the font case in several NEOCOM pages.
  • General UI polishing on NECOM pages and HUD.
  • Fixed multiple UI related issues.


  • Improvements to the vehicle icons and driver name tags display.
  • Upward thrust not working when in first person view for dropships.
  • Ground speed limit being ignored has been fixed.

Visual effectsEdit

  • Added SSAO.
  • Improved lighting & shadows.


  • Improved UI rendering performance.
  • Improved content streaming stability.

Planetary ConquestEdit

  • Directors can now kick teammates from Planetary Conquest battles while they're in the warbarge before the battle starts. Characters that are kicked are banned from rejoining the same battle again.
  • Districts are no longer locked once conquered by a new owner.
  • The estimated number of clones at the target district displayed when moving clones to attack is now more accurate.


  • System security level has been added to the starmap information panel.
  • The planet model in the starmap will no longer randomly revert to a default texture.


  • Added option to purchase bundles from the market.


  • Characters can now transfer ISK directly between each other and to any corporation.
  • Directors can now transfer ISK from the corporation mercenary wallet to any player or corporation.

Uprising 1.1Edit

Uprising 1.1 Patch Notes:


  • Optimized EVE Universe Data Synchronization process.
  • Optimized Content Update process..
  • Optimized Content Update UI to reflect total progress.
  • Optimized PhysX for better client Performance
  • Optimized memory usage for sound.

Bug FixesEdit

  • Fixed issue where sounds may drop off.
  • Fixed issue where players may get stuck when loading into the battle.
  • Fixed issue where the Weapon Switch menu may get stuck.
  • Fixed issue where throwing grenades/switching weapon has a slight delay.
  • Fixed issue where Mouse Sensitivity setting may not work as expected.
  • Fixed a UI issue where Module Stacking Penalty does not show up properly.
  • Fixed Target Intel triggering for Flaylock Pistols.


  • Added a News tab in the Launcher window.

Uprising 1.0Edit

Uprising 1.0 Release Notes:

Path to Game and Overall UIEdit

  • Major improvement to the login flow. Time to merc quarter reduced from 4:30 seconds to 1:30 seconds on average.
  • New character creation screen.
  • Removed Specializations.
  • New loading screens.
  • All UI screens have been visually polished.

Spawning and End of MatchEdit

  • New Overview Map and Spawn Screen UI.
  • Squad member list visible on overview map.
  • Improved fit selection on spawn screen.
  • Improved scanning on Objectives and Installations.
  • Players are invisible / cloaked upon spawn for a few seconds. Cloak disables upon movement.
  • Redesigned bleed out.
  • New Kill Screen that shows who killed you and his/her statistics.
  • Revamped and enhanced End of Match Screens.


  • New node based Skill UI.
  • Newly created characters receive no starter skills. Specializations have been removed.
  • Reorganized skill tree to be simpler with logical separations between vehicle and dropsuit skills. Now all dropsuit skills are under Dropsuit Command; all equipment and modules (with the exception of damage modifiers and remote explosives) under Dropsuit Upgrades and all weapons under Weaponry.
  • Weapon skill bonuses are now weapon-specific as opposed to providing blanket bonuses across Light, Sidearm and Heavy categories.
  • Dropsuit Command skills first unlock basic non-role frames before unlocking role-specific skills.
  • Module skills improve the efficacy of modules used.


  • New dropsuit roles and race/role-specific bonuses added:
  • Minmatar Scout.

- Scout Suit Bonus: 5% reduction to scan profile per level.

- Minmatar Scout Bonus: +5% to melee and nova knife damage per level.

  • Gallente Scout.

- Scout Suit Bonus: 5% reduction to scan profile per level.

- Gallente Scout Bonus: +10% to dropsuit scan radius per level.

  • Amarr Assault.

- Assault Suit Bonus: +5% to dropsuit shield recharge rate per level.

- Amarr Assault Bonus: 5% reduction to laser weaponry heat build-up per level.

  • Amarr Logistics.

- Logistics Suit Bonus: +1 HP to dropsuit armour repair rate per level.

- Amarr Logistics Bonus: +5% to efficacy of armour repairer modules per level.

  • Minmatar Assault.

- Assault Suit Bonus: +5% to dropsuit shield recharge rate per level.

- Minmatar Assault Bonus: +5% to sidearm weaponry clip size per level.

  • Minmatar Logistics.

- Logistics Suit Bonus: +1 HP to dropsuit armour repair rate per level.

- Minmatar Logistics Bonus: +5% to hacking speed per level.

  • Gallente Assault.

- Assault Suit Bonus: +5% to dropsuit shield recharge rate per level.

- Gallente Assault Bonus: 5% reduction to hybrid weaponry PG/CPU usage per level.

  • Gallente Logistics.

- Logistics Suit Bonus: +1 HP to dropsuit armour repair rate per level.

- Gallente Logistics Bonus: 5% reduction to equipment PG/CPU usage per level.

  • Caldari Assault.

- Assault Suit Bonus: +5% to dropsuit shield recharge rate per level.

- Caldari Assault Bonus: +2% to hybrid weapon reload speed.

  • Caldari Logistics.

- Logistics Suit Bonus: +1 HP to dropsuit armor repair rate per level.

- Caldari Logistics Bonus: +5% to efficacy of shield extender modules per level.

  • Amarr Sentinel.

- Sentinel Suit Bonus: 5% reduction to weapon feedback damage per level.

- Amarr Sentinel Bonus: +2% to heavy weapon reload speed.

  • Added effect and audio triggers for shield loss and recharge.
  • Reduced base passive scan radius for all dropsuits.


  • Weapon tiers streamlined so that more side grades are unlocked in the advanced tier and more exotic variants in the prototype tier.
  • Reduced damage and max range of the HMG.
  • Moved Charge Sniper Rifle into the prototype tier.
  • Improved damage on Tactical Assault Rifle variants.
  • Modified nova knife to do charge-based damage (allowing instant attacks).
  • Increased FOV for the laser rifle in ADS so that it has less “zoom”.
  • New laser rifle iron sights.
  • New Gallente assault rifle iron sights.
  • New Gallente assault rifle ACOG scope.
  • New Gallente shotgun ADS.
  • Added new weapon animation system for Move controller.
  • Added new charging HUD element integrated with ammo UI.
  • Added support for multi-fire weapons i.e. regular and charge based firing on a single weapon type.
  • Added support for transitional into scope animations and added animations for all weapons.
  • Added heat glow on a variety of weapons such as the assault rifle and nova knives.
  • New jumping animations when in scope.
  • Updated reload animations.
  • Updated all melee animations.
  • Updated 3P animation to support sprint strafing.
  • New sprint animations for all pistols.
  • New overheat animations for HMG and Laser Rifle.
  • Updated laser rifle reload.
  • Updated recoil for Gallente shotgun.


  • Completely retuned controller sensitivity settings in the options menu to give a broader range.
  • Retuned handheld weapon control sensitivity default settings.
  • Retuned large and small turret control sensitivity.
  • Enabled aiming friction for small turrets to improve fine aiming.
  • Retuned all aim assist systems for handheld weapons to improve aiming.
  • Added melee aim assist system.
  • Enabled the ability to strafe whilst sprinting.
  • Added new infantry control schemes.
  • Added multi-function buttons.
  • Changed entry/exit logic of vehicle control schemes so that the exit vehicle button corresponds with the on-foot interact/enter vehicle button.
  • Fully detailed tooltips for all vehicles and selected infantry weaponry.
  • Mouse and keyboard tooltips in menus and in game (can be toggled through the options menu under the keyboard and mouse tab).

Improvements to mouse and keyboard mappingsEdit

  • New control schemes:
  • Infantry:

- Duty Calls.

- Battleground.

- Praetorian.

- Southpaw (of Default).

- Legacy.

- Legacy Southpaw.

  • Tracked Vehicles:

- Southpaw.

  • Aerial Vehicles:

- Southpaw.


  • New equipment added:

- Active Scanner.

  • Increased throw speed, activation time and number of remote explosives that can be carried at once.
  • Reduced nanite storage capacity and recharge rate of militia nanohives, and moved more powerful variants into advanced and prototype tiers to encourage skilling into higher tiers.
  • Added range indication for fallen teams mates when using nanite injector.
  • Added the ability to use the nanite injector even when you do not have it selected.
  • Added new cortex display.

EVE UniverseEdit

  • Added player location to the HUD in the MQ and WR.
  • Added EVE standard time readout to neocom.
  • Added in-match tags for EVE ships in orbit.


  • Added new vehicle roles:

- Gallente Enforcer HAV.

- Caldari Enforcer HAV.

- Gallente Scout LAV.

- Caldari Scout LAV.

- Gallente Assault Dropship.

- Caldari Assault Dropship.

  • Added new vehicle skills to correspond with the new vehicle roles.
  • Caldari/Gallente Logistics dropship skill gives bonuses to cpu usage on all shield/armor modules.
  • Migrated promotional vehicles into the current release.
  • Added front-firing turret on Assault Dropship.
  • Vehicle skill-revamp. Skill requirements, and number of requirements has changed.
  • New vehicle-specific scanning skills.
  • Reduced collision damage to dropships.
  • Tweaks to make standard and logistics dropships to feel heavier.
  • Improvements to feeling of vehicle weight.
  • Marauder HAVs are temporarily removed for rework.
  • Added wind effect when vehicles are traveling quickly.
  • Added camera shake when heavy vehicles drive by.
  • All Dropships will now trigger emergency crew bay light when entering a crash.
  • Added the ability to recall vehicles so that you do not lose them if you want to abandon them.
  • Retuned and improved vehicle upright constraints.
  • New LAV physics model.
  • New Dropship camera.
  • Tuned LAV jump cam.
  • Lowered LAV rumble on bumps.
  • Added physics to “push” players off moving vehicles.


  • Nanofibre modules are removed.
  • Added new remote module camera on vehicles.


  • Reduced dispersion on Large Missiles.
  • Increased speed on Railgun and Missile projectiles.
  • Increased splash damage on Small Missile Turrets.


  • Attached new small installation bases.
  • Fix to CRU – should now take the same level of damage as other installation components.

Adjustments to ISK pricesEdit

  • Lowered prices on standard and advanced items in all categories while keeping the price level of prototype items mostly intact.
  • Simplified the pricing on dropsuits – there’s now just one price category (i.e. heavy dropsuits now cost the same as assault dropsuits of the same meta level).
  • Simplified the pricing of weapons – they now have two price categories, primary weapons and sidearms (i.e. heavy machine guns will now cost the same as assault rifles, and nova knives the same as scrambler pistols of the same meta level).
  • Reduced the price of Dropships in half (approximately).
  • Changed the base price points on vehicle modules and turrets.

– vehicle modules will be less costly than before, while vehicle turrets will be more expensive.

  • Changed the base price points on equipment.

– equipment will now be less expensive overall.

Improvements to the Augmentations pageEdit

  • Boosters of different multipliers can now be queued, with newest additions going to the front of the queue.
  • Made improvements to what information is available and how it is displayed.


  • Greatly improved terrain shaders and rendering, including vegetation.
  • Complete rework of existing terrains.
  • All battlegrounds now contain all game modes.
  • Improved Ambush OMS game mode.
  • Gameplay tuned for 32 players.
  • Art Polish of architecture and structures.
  • New moods providing variation in time of day and tone on different planets.


  • New music.
  • New weapon sounds.
  • New LAV sounds.
  • Moment-to-moment audio improvements on the following:

- Explosions

- Grenade bounce

- Hit success feedback


  • Improved Loading Screens

Visual effectsEdit

  • Add god ray effects.
  • Add dynamic tone mapping.
  • Add cloud shadow effect.
  • Add lens dirt effect.


  • Optimize client GPU performance.
  • Optimize texture streaming speed.
  • Increase display resolution.

Factional WarfareEdit

  • Battles relating to Factional Warfare are no longer considered corporation battles. The battles can be found under the Mercenary tab of the Battle Finder and are now auto generated based on activity within EVE.
  • Factional Warfare battles allows you to select which side you want to fight on.


  • A new starmap has been added and can be found in the Neocom under Battles.
  • The starmap has three view settings:

- Atlas view which shows sovereignty information from all over New Eden.

- Factional Warfare displays the ownership of planetary districts for each of the 4 major factions. From there you can join battles and see their results affect the outcome for each faction.

- Corporation tab that will show information about your corporation’s conquest of planets within New Eden


  • You can now see your connection quality to battles in the Mercenary can Corporation tab of the Battle Finder. The bar shows your connection quality (more bars means higher quality).
  • You can now send and receive mail to both your alliance and corporation.
  • As a DUST player with roles in a corporation you will now receive notifications based on that role. This includes all EVE and DUST notifications such as POS fuel and district attacks.
  • The wallet has been updated to show the journal log for both your personal wallet and corporation wallet.
  • Brackets for ships in space connected to a district are now visible. This is limited to a specific quantity of ships and will always try and show ships from both sides.
  • The size of squads has been increased to 6.
  • UVT (Universal Voice Translators) are no longer available on the market and you will be able to use the in-game voice system without UVT.

Uprising 1.0 Launch Release Notes (5/14):Edit


  • New weapons added:
  • Scrambler Rifle.
  • Plasma Cannon.
  • Flaylock Pistol.

Planetary ConquestEdit

  • Planetary Conquest has been added to the Molden Heath region.
  • Corporations within DUST are able to conquer planets, collect clones, and battle for control of more districts.


  • Two new battlegrounds.

Game ModesEdit

  • Added Domination game mode.


Codex Patch Notes:


  • HMG - Increased range, faster time to overheat, slight increase to rate of fire.
  • Mass Driver – Increased blast radius, moderate buff to LAV and dropship vehicle damage.
  • New item: Laser Rifle

– Implemented increased damage over time.

  • Standard melee updated to use the butt of the weapon not the knife.
  • Nova knives added to the game as a fittable sidearm.
  • Zoomed pitch and yaw are now equal for all weapons (pitch used to be higher).
  • Zoomed kick has been decreased on all sniper rifles.
  • Disabled scope mode when a weapon overheats.
  • Enabled the scope mask to move when aiming in scope with the PlayStation®Move.
  • Fixes made to lock-on impact locations

– should solve swarm missiles hitting turret bases.


  • Infantry:

- Improvements to scanning functionality.

  • Active Scanner Equipment – Equipment with its own precision and scan radius, once activated it reveals players within its scan radius given that the scanner is precise enough to pick up the players scan profile.
  • Precision Enhancers – Infantry Module – Gives a bonus to the dropsuits native scan precision.
  • Profile Dampeners – Infantry module – reduces your dropsuits scan profile, making you harder to detect.
  • Range Amplifiers – Infantry module – Increases your dropsuits native scan radius.
  • Vehicle:
  • Active Scanners - for Vehicles. This Active Module, with its own precision and scan radius, once activated will reveal players within its scan radius if it is precise enough to pick up the players’ scan profile.
  • Increased cooldowns on remote armour repairers to 30 seconds for the regular version and 60 seconds for the heavy models.
  • Damage module improvements: increase the damage / ROF of players‘ turrets.
  • 2 variations of hybrid systemic militia damage modifiers.
  • 3 variations of hybrid systemic damage modifiers.
  • 3 variations of hybrid large damage modifiers.
  • 4 variations of hybrid small damage modifiers.
  • 2 variations of missile systemic militia damage modifiers.
  • 4 variations of missile systemic damage modifiers.
  • 4 variations of missile large damage modifiers.
  • 4 variations of missile small damage modifiers.
  • Shield hardeners are now on market.

– Active module, new.

  • Propulsion modules are now on market, with reduced buffs and will make vehicles go faster.
  • Added stacking penalties to:

- CPU upgrades.

- PG upgrades.

- Speed modules.

- Splash damage on damage modifier modules.

  • Made Militia items consumable, greatly reduced their ISK price, and added cheap BPO AUR variants as an alternative.


  • Sagaris crash on spawn fixed.
  • Small dropship handling tweaks.
  • Shields on vehicle weak spots are now also weak, not just armour.
  • Dynamic limits on all turret positions of vehicles.

– allows for greater range of movement without clipping into the vehicle mesh.

  • Adjustments to marauder vitals.
  • Marauder skill gives racial bonuses to their respective racial weapon types of +4% per level i.e. GA – Blasters, CA – Missiles.
  • Tweaks to vehicle traction on slopes for LAVs and HAVs.


  • Flattened armor/shield values of standard, advanced, prototype dropsuit archetypes.
  • Added early unlock AUR dropsuits Minor speed increase to Logistics dropsuit.
  • Added all new female dropsuits.


  • Improvements to squad order assignment.

– orders for objectives do not take occlusion in to account.


  • New Scanning Skills:

- Profile Analysis – Scan Precision bonus.

- Profile Dampening – Scan Profile bonus.

- Long Range Scanning - Scan Radius bonus.

  • Turret skills bonuses added.
  • Fitting skills now affect both dropsuits and vehicles.
  • Handheld weapon skills are now more consistent.
  • Lowered the barrier of entry on remote repairing skills/modules.

Skill rewardsEdit

  • Skill points are now awarded from battles based on time spent as well as war points earned.
  • Diminishing returns for skill points earned from battles are now on a 7-day cycle that resets at downtime every Tuesday (used to reset every day at downtime).
  • Skill point accrual has been rebalanced and now has a hard cap per week that corresponds to EVE Online.
  • Skill rewards are now also awarded at the end of each battle to players who participated but weren’t present the end of the battle (e.g. crashed/disconnected/left).

ISK rewardsEdit

  • Fixed a severe bug in the reward system. Rewards especially in low level matches should be higher than before.
  • Time spent in the battle is now a factor in ISK rewards earned, meaning that spending little time in a battle will yield little rewards.
  • ISK rewards are now also awarded at the end of each battle to players who participated but weren't present at the end of the battle (e.g. crashed/disconnected/left).


  • Low-end loot items have been removed. As a result, loot will become more rare but also more worthwhile once you get some.

Target IntelEdit

  • Improved target intel so you don’t have to be so precise when aiming to see it.
  • Enabled target intel in squad order mode.
  • Added dropsuit tier info to target intel out of scope.

Player CorporationsEdit

  • DUST Players are able to create their own corporations and accept applications from other players.
  • Players are able to apply to join an existing player corporation, from EVE Online.
  • DUST players can join an existing EVE Online corporation and vice versa.
  • The CEO can appoint the Director role to members.
  • A corp member can view a list of all his corp mates.
  • Corporations have a corporation wallet managed by its directors.
  • A corp member can donate money to his corporation.
  • A Corporation director can give money to members from the corporation wallet.
  • New skills added for Corporation management.

Corporation chatEdit

  • All members of a corporation will automatically have access to the corporation chat channel, cannot be accessed by players outside of the corporation.


  • Districts now exist on select Temperate planets in New Eden.
  • These districts are the actual locations where battles take place and they can be seen from space in EVE Online.
  • Every district has an associated space beacon that allow EVE Online pilots to warp to the space above the district.

Corp BattlesEdit

  • Corporation directors in DUST can accept contracts on behalf of their corporation.
  • These contracts are created by the Factional Warfare NPCs and the outcome of the battles affect System Sovereignty in the Factional Warfare space.
  • Taking a contract means paying a collateral that will only be returned if the battle is won.
  • All members of the corporation will see the upcoming corporation battles in the "corporation" tab in the battle finder.
  • Corporation battles allow Orbital Strikes.

Battle finderEdit

  • The "Corporation" tab now show contracts your corporation has acquired and when the battle starts.
  • You can now close the battle finder without leaving the instant battle queue.


  • New female character models – Caldari Assault / Gallente Scout / Minmatar Logistics + portraits added.
  • New Anti- MCC Control Points.
  • Added Deployment room for both MCCs.
  • New outpost – Orbital Artillery outpost.
  • New skirmish maps.
  • New mood layers.
  • Added a spawn in effect for dropsuits.
  • Enabled environmental particle effects to be determined by the mood setting of the level.
  • Enabled particle effects to be effected by wind.


  • Improved environmental sounds.
  • Added localized VO for War room and NPE.
  • Updated environmental sound systems.


  • Badging:

– Now users will receive notifications on the Neocom and HUD when there’s been a new Mail, Skills update, or an invalid Fitting.

  • Model Viewer:

– Now users can see a 3d preview of items on the Market and in Assets (such as Dropsuits, Weapons, and Vehicles).

  • Streaming images:

– Used for Storefront updates and Character Portraits.

  • Skills:

– Embedded Skills into the Market, now users can see the Skills needed to use Items all in one place, at a glance, as well as train those Skills directly in the Market.

  • Battle Finder:

– Instant Battle enhancements and tab, game mode selection, updated and added info as well as 3d planet model in info pane, new Waiting for Battle widget.

  • Bigger font:

– Increased font size in many places in the UI.

  • Hints and Legends:

– Added and polished Hints and Legends throughout the UI (e.g., more Hints when entering a vehicle with instruction on how to use that vehicle).

  • Enhanced Fitting and Spawn menus (e.g. red coloration) and ability to restock invalid fits more easily, Duplicate Fitting function added), alphabetized Saved Fitting list (Favorite at top), Create New button, usability tweaks (e.g. labels on highlighted slot with slot name, automatic info pane changes, more info added to stats pane), improved formatting (font and alignment), adjusted spawn timer position.
  • More spinnys to indicate and provide more graceful loading throughout the UI.
  • Added Unsafe zone to minimap.
  • Controls tuning and additional instructions.
  • New Loading Screens with tips.
  • FanFest 2012 “Immortal” intro video added with localized subtitles.
  • NPE intro video added with subtitles.
  • Tutorials for Neocom, Skills, Fitting, Market usage added.
  • More Help items added to the Help section of the Neocom.
  • Passive skill point gain for characters will now be available to one character at a time.
  • Character Info enhancements.
  • Chat and Squads enhancements (e.g., UVT UI feedback, improved Invite widget, talking indicators, available communication method icons).
  • Active selection VFX/SFX (highlights and animations on what is being interacted with).
  • Minimap added to Overview Map, allowing the status of a battle to be more conveniently viewed.
  • Options menu:

- KB+M additions.

- Better saving.

  • Fourth specialization, the Artificer (logistics orientated) added, to Character Creation.
  • Enhancements made to the Character Creation UI (font, text entry, descriptions).
  • Updates made to the Starmap.
  • Reformatted the Deployment menu.
  • Links between Fitting, Market and Skills added.
  • Icons and Pop-up warnings added for duplicate Skillbook and BPO purchases.
  • Improved market Icons with various tags (BPO, Advanced, Prototype).
  • Icon legends added (Market and Battle).
  • Lots of new Loading Screens.


Game ModeEdit

  • Skirmish Mode 2.0:

- New improvements made to the skirmish mode allowing more balanced combat.

  • Instant battles:

- Players can choose to be automatically matched into battles with other random players. The matchmaking system will attempt to create balanced teams based on ping time, relative player strength and other possible criteria.

  • Persistent squads:

- Players can create persistent squads out of battles and join battles as squads.

Community FeaturesEdit

  • Player created channels:

- Players can create private persistent chat channels and invite people to them.

  • Leaderboards:

- Increased number of entries shown.

Environment & MapsEdit

  • Updated Plateaus megaterrain layout and integrated with the Galaxy seeding system.
  • Lots of new environmental attributes and socketable components.
  • Added 3 new Merc Quarters:

- Amarr.

- Gallente.

- Minmatar.

Weapons & EquipmentEdit

  • Added new model for the CRU.
  • Nanohives now have finite supplies.
  • Nanohives now replenish grenades and explosives as well.
  • Nanohives will no longer self-destruct upon owner's death.
  • Added ammo cost property to nanohives so that different weapons cost more/less nanites.
  • Added the cortex screen to the remote explosive.
  • Cooldown between remote explosive throws has been extended.
  • Flux grenades will damage shields and destroy deployed equipment.
  • AV grenades now have homing functionality implemented; they will auto-target the nearest enemy vehicle within seek range.
  • Increased animation speed on nanite injector.
  • Added notification if medic is in range during bleedout.
  • Added ability to call for help when in bleedout.
  • Increased the optimal range for the HMG.
  • Reduced overheating speed for the HMG.
  • Removed scope sway between each shot with the sniper rifle.
  • Randomized the scope sway starting position on sniper rifle.
  • New weapon variations for all tiers added to the market:

- Breach forge guns.

- Assault and Specialist swarm launchers.

- Breach and Specialist scrambler pistols.

- Specialist shotguns.

- Burst and Assault HMGs.

- Breach and Assault mass drivers.

  • Increased the optimal range of the SMG.
  • Seeded repair tools back onto the market and improve it in:

- The repair tool cannot be used to repair yourself, only other players.

- The repair tool now has a 360 degree radius when locked.

- Remote repair no longer loses the target once it reaches full health.

  • Reduced movement penalty on forge gun slightly.
  • Tactical assault rifle max. range and optimal range increased.
  • Reduced damage on breach assault rifles.
  • Reduced spawn time on drop uplinks.
  • Added splash damage to all blasters.
  • Reduced the speed of large missiles.
  • Added the initial framework for orbital strikes. Squad leaders can call in an orbital strike from the war barge every time their squad fulfils certain criteria.

Dropsuits & ModulesEdit

  • New dropsuit modules added:

- Codebreaker modules (reduced hacking times).

- Shield Regulator modules (reduce shield recharge delay).

  • Increased armor HP on all Armour Plate modules.
  • Added 10% bonus to Logisitics dropsuit hacking speed.
  • Increased maximum shield and shield regeneration for Logistics dropsuit.
  • New skills for all added module types.

Vehicles & TurretsEdit

  • New dropship physics model.
  • General vehicle control tuning.

- Vehicles now take continual armour damage once they catch on fire.

- Fixes to dropship collision so more damage is taken on contact with the environment.

  • Added Black Ops HAV.
  • New turret variations.
  • Remote repairs can now be used on Installations.
  • New XL turret class equipped on MCC.
  • New anti-MCC turrets.


  • Updated all prices.
  • Spawn Time Modifier is now displayed for drop uplinks in Show Info.
  • Increased the relative price of dropships.


  • Players will receive items as Salvage at the end of a match.
  • The player's character will appear in a Merc Quarter that correctly reflects the race of the station the character is in.
  • Updated interactive consoles in all MQs. Players can now find consoles for Instant Battle and Leaderboards in the Mercenary Quarters.
  • Updated interactive consoles in the War Room. Players can now find consoles for Leaderboards and Battle Description in the War Room.
  • The lock on UI will now target the entity, not the pilot of the entity.
  • The lock on UI will now be displayed when player is locking on using the repair tool.
  • Increased bleed out time.
  • Fixed spawn bug that only used a single spawn location.
  • Added a trigger for an effect when spawning.
  • Added a custom cortex animation for hacking.
  • Hacking now possible within a 360 radius.
  • Added a full screen effect for a player being repaired.
  • Added target intel to the game so you can see target type, HP, range and your damage efficiency rating.
  • Fixed the excessive aim assist.
  • Added movement slowdown on weapon impact.
  • Added melee ability whilst reloading.
  • Added an incremental stamina cost for jumping.
  • Added the ability to sprint directly from crouch.
  • Added the ability to go to scope whilst sprinting.
  • Added directional camera shake when hit.


  • Added Instant Battle button to Neocom.
  • Added Instant Battle option page.
  • Add UI for motion controller.
  • Added UI functionality to enable Keyboard and Mouse.
  • Keyboard and Mouse options page.
  • MiniMap re-design and implementation.
  • Standard Definition televisions are now supported.
  • Localization solution implemented (French, Italian, German, Spanish is supported in addition to English.)

Known Issues in the current buildEdit

  • Game Mechanism:

- Squads using Instant Battle may not join battles if there are no suitable battles for Matchmaking by skill.

- No UI feedback for the user himself if pressing square button for help in bleed out stage but it works.

  • Network:

- Under rare conditions after accepting Instant Battle user may receive a message saying "Your connection to the host has been lost." Reaccepting Instant Battle resolves the issue.

- Under rare conditions Restocking a full fitting in a quick succession might cause the game to disconnect.

  • Effect:

- Installation explosions have no explosion effects.

  • Camera:

- Under rare conditions the End of Match camera may not focus on the MCC explosion.

  • UI

- When there is only one remaining item of a type in user's Assets, that type can still be fitted to character or vehicles, which will cause that Fit become invalid.

- User can still text chat with Blocked contacts.

- Rewarded skill points may display incorrectly if user leaves battle and rejoins it but ends up on the different team, this is only a display issue, the actual rewards are still properly applied.

- HAV seat info might be displayed incorrectly by chance.

  • Collision:

- Vehicle's secondary turrets may clip into the main turret.

- Vehicle pops and bounces when the driver enters the pause menu whilst on sloped terrain.

- When in Missile Launcher or Railgun Installations, first person camera will be blocked when aiming targets.

- In rare locations, user's first person camera may raise if he collides with walls, vehicles or installations.

- Character will clip into vehicle when being pushed by it.

- First person camera will clip into other players up close after using HAV.

- The bullets can pass through pawns in the first/third person view.

- Railgun turret can clip into its base when rotating.

  • 3rd party compatibility:

- Under very rare occasions PlayStation3 system may crash after user selects a character or enters a battle.

- Under very rare occasions PlayStation3 system may crash when user quits game.

- Under very rare occasions user may get a data corrupt message in game, restarting the title resolves the issue.


  • The draw distance for infantry and vehicles have been increased, should now see up to 3 times as far




  • Added the following items:

- Heavy Machine Gun.

- Shotgun.

- Nanite injector (non-final asset).

- Remote explosive.

- Boosters.


  • New dynamic sky and fog system.


  • Basic scan system implemented. Passive scanning possible on entities. UI in-progress.
  • Squad orders: Players can now place squad orders: Attack, Defend, Capture, and Rally - on entities.
  • Quick weapon switch: Tap to cycle between weapons and equipment.
  • Multi-channel voice and text chat Players will now auto-join Corp Chat when entering the game, Team Chat when entering a match and Squad Chat when joining a squad.
  • Contacts: Add, block and watch other players.


  • Items in a fit can be restocked to the desired amount directly from the fitting page.

Content streamingEdit

  • Progress loading bars include more detailed status of download.

In-game Aurum purchasingEdit

  • Ability to purchase AUR packs from the PlayStation Store directly from the game client.


Art and UIEdit

  • New Caldari Large Railgun and Gallente Blaster models.
  • Option UI redesigned.
  • Character portraits added allowing players to choose from a pre-rendered list of portraits during character creation.

Animations and VFXEdit

  • Jamming and overheating VFX on weapons.
  • Improved death animations; directional and explosive.
  • Ladder climbing animations.
  • Blood impact effects on kill shot.
  • Deferred lighting on muzzle flash.


  • Updated Biomass outpost (New roof tops, vehicles replaced cargo containers, two new towers).
  • Improved mini-map fidelity.


  • Improved LAV and HAV handling.
  • New skills and tweaks to existing skills.
  • Nerfed AV grenade damage against infantry.
  • Reduced sniper rifle scope sway and increased scoped tracking speed.
  • Increased Armour Plate module bonus to offset speed reduction.
  • Reduced movement speed in scoped mode to help address strafe-dancing.
  • Three starting militia fits given to newly created characters.
  • Increased starting skill point allotment.


  • Game settings are now saved locally on your PS3 instead of on the DUST servers.

Bug fixesEdit

  • Client sometimes fails to join a battle.
  • Crash when entering a battle from the MQ.
  • Player's shield/armour bar is empty and no weapon can be selected after learning full skill.
  • Killing the player piloting the dropship will not be recorded on the Killboard.
  • No ISK, AURUM, item or config of fitting after selecting a character.
  • Able to target driver & passengers with vehicle modules while in 3rd person view.
  • The default remote shield booster doesn't work on the Limbus.
  • Reticule is permanently fully expanded for weapons that don't have dispersion enabled.
  • Kill/Death stats are not correctly incremented when the victim is in a turret.
  • Missing message body for player join/leave game events.
  • The damage multiplier of the two logistics LAV is incorrect.

Pre-Replication (Unknown version)Edit

Dropsuit GearEdit

  • Reduced hip-fire spread on LAR and SMG.
  • Added standard tier handheld weapon AUR variants to the market.
  • Added Breach Shotgun and another totally new weapon and grenade type...
  • Added movement slowdown to forge gun while charging, reduced blast radius.
  • Increased heat build-up rate, reduced damage of HMG.
  • Refactored handheld weapon damage types to introduce better modifiers for shield/armor across all weapon categories (energy, explosive, hybrid, projectile).
  • Added scrambler pistol to all starter fits.
  • Added a fourth fitting (Logistics – Triage) to starter fits.
  • Each specialty gets the skills necessary to use a specific standard dropsuit (Enforcer – Assault, Arbiter – Scout, Sentinel – Heavy).
  • Added new reticules for weapons.
  • Added new masks for weapons and turrets.
  • Tweaked the control curves and default sensitivity.
  • Added Militia Gear category to market where all militia items can be found.
  • Added 3D indicators for nano hives, drop uplinks and remote explosives.
  • Fixed an animation related hit detection issue that caused some hits to not register.
  • Modified ranges of friendly/enemy tags to reduce on-screen clutter.
  • New infantry modules.
  • New Type-II dropsuits.
  • Increased assault rifle zoom FOV.
  • Temporary nerf to the militia Heavy dropsuit max. armor (pending further controller sensitivity curve fixes).

Vehicle GearEdit

  • Damage states on all vehicles.
  • Collision damage system improvements.
  • Revamped vehicle audio particularly engine sounds.
  • Added new effects for firing, charging and overheating on turrets.
  • Increased interaction radius on all installation turrets, and vehicles.
  • Added lights to vehicles.
  • Camera adjustments for various game entities:

- Turret cam shake when firing/charging.

- Re-enabled zoom on turrets.

- Vehicle engine rumble camera shake.

- Improvements to 3P follow camera for all vehicles.

  • New physics model for dropship.
  • Added jetwash effect for dropship.
  • Improved thruster effects (incl. improvement to RDV thrusters).
  • Secondary turret on CA HAV variants is now equipped on a new mount at the front of the HAV.
  • HAV handling improvements, includes better manoeuvring on steep slopes.
  • Updated LAV with a lot of fixes and retuned controls and behaviour.
  • Added militia vehicle modules.
  • Added militia vehicles and vehicle default fits.
  • Added various skills that affect fitting requirement.
  • Adjusted aiming restraints on turrets mounted to dropships.
  • Adjusted blaster turret default dispersion.
  • Increased small blaster turret damage.
  • Increased damage and splash for large railguns.

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