In-Game DescriptionEdit

"In Domination, two teams of mercenaries fight for control of a single powerful NULL Cannon. Neither MCC can withstand a concentrated barrage from this cannon for long, so capturing and holding the console is vital for both teams. The battle continues until one of the MCCs is destroyed or the clone supply of either team has been depleted"


In Domination, teams are split into 2 groups of 16 mercenaries; with 150 clones on reserve. Skirmish games theoretically can last up to approximately 64 minutes, although such scenarios are only likely to occur deliberately.

There is no mission timer for Domination matches. However, due to the fact that the MCCs are constantly shooting each other with missile cannons, one of them will be destroyed in approximately 64 minutes (assuming none of the NULL Cannons are captured by either team). In this unlikely scenario, the MCC belonging to the "Defender" will always win, as it starts firing first.

In the place of the arrays of NULL Cannons found on Skirmish maps, a single cannon rests in the middle of the map. This null cannon deals 400% more damage than normal, and can quickly shred the MCC of whomever it is targeting.

Domination matches are often much more violent then even ambush matches, as all the mercenaries are being gravitated towards the control console of the only NULL Cannon on the map, making for intense fire-fights.

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