Screenshot of the EVE: Legion play-test at FanFest 2014.


EVE: Legion is the future successor of DUST 514, currently being developed for the PC.  It was announced during the 2014 FanFest during the DUST 514 Keynote by CCP Rouge.

Not much information is currently available, but will be added as it is released.

Community ReactionEdit

The Reaction by the DUST 514 community was swift, with mass numbers of players posting on the forums expressing their anger at CCP for "Abandoning the console playerbase", large groups of people quitting and/or deleting their characters, and demanding refunds for Aurum.

Many of the players have expressed their concern over what will happen to their characters, time investments, and weather or not there will be a transfer of player progress from DUST 514 to EVE: Legion.

CCP's Response(s)Edit

Soon after the forum riots began, CCP issued responses to various questions posed by the community:

CCP RougeEdit


CCP Rouge Wrote:

"1) What happens to my character, skills and stuff?

If Project Legion becomes something more than a prototype, we will not leave our DUST 514 players behind. You would be able to bring your character name, applicable skills/inventory, and other elements of progression with you. We are still working on the details and we will have more to announce soon.

2) Are you completely abandoning DUST dev?

No. Without promising too much, we are actively working on stuff like balancing, Planetary Conquest, matchmaking, the in-game economy, and more. And of course we continue to work with the CPM to identify ways to improve the game.

3) Is Project Legion going to have a PS4 version? Or something for consoles?

It is still far too early to discuss platform expansion, as like you saw we are still only working on the PC prototype at this time. But the PC architecture gives us the opportunity to grow once we have a great PC product at hand. For now, though, PlayStation 4 is not something we are working on.

4) When are you going to give us more concrete information on Legion?

Again, Project Legion is still in an early stage of development but the whole idea behind giving a sneak peek at Fanfest is to get early feedback - and I really want to keep this discussion going, show you progress through dev blogs and such and listen to what you have to say."

CCP LogiBroEdit

[Asked to CCP LogiBro]

"I guess the first thing is do you guys understand why so many folksy felt they were dumped on they way all this came about?

There are some legitimately great things in the information CCP was putting out but how it was done was a horrendous way to deal with loyal paying customers (some of which flew to ICELAND to celebrate your product).

As for a technical question... what drove the choice of PC vs PS4 for the chosen next gen version of Dust / Legion?"

[CCP LogiBro Response]

"We understand, and we always expected many players to be upset and even angry with what we said, primarily dedicated console players. I will admit that there have been issues in messaging, and we're going to be clearing up as many facts and answering as many questions as we can over the next few days.

As far as PS4 vs PC, we went with PC because that's what we've worked more with in the past. There are also fewer hoops to jump through when developing for PC compared to a console. I'll be honest, Sony has done amazing stuff and removed a lot of red tape for us with DUST, but it's still not a simple process.

Just remember, the door isn't closed for PS4 (or beyond as may be the case). It's just a door we're not looking for right now."

CCP SaberWingEdit

[Asked to CCP Devs]

Hey guys, Since we were all caught of guard by CCP announcement and this, in the process, enraged 90% of the community, now we need them to work harder than ever to deliver us the Project Legion stuff.

Few questions need to be answered in my opinion, since it will decide most of the DUST community future.


For the next weeks;

1) Is Project Legion a "go" or "no go" after the bad reaction it received;

2) How will character transfer work ? Will it really occur? (This question is the most needed one... since those who plan playing Legion will start gathering resources or trainning based on this answer);

3) How long do you plan the DUST 514 servers to run?

For the next few months 

1) Specs required to run the future project (Similar to EVE ? TO PS2?), Since people need time to plan a purchase of a rig;

2) SOLID timeframe for Alpha/Beta start. How long till the conclusion of the project? We need REAL progress tracking and dev blogs at least 2 per month to keep us updated.

The "Don't do this again to us" List:

1) Leave us in the dark;

2) Change projects without consulting us first;

3) Booster sales in a dying game (This was the most absurd thing IMO. I have 1 year of passive booster connected...all for nothing);


The concept you are working is what keeps me here... I'm losing almost all my corp mates to Destiny ( that game looks like it's going to SUCK BAD! ) because of this decision... I'm mad and needless to say ... all of us are.

Also, please don't delete this topic saying this is a rant... this is a demand ... not a rant,

[CCP SaberWing]

Hi guys

I'll do what I can to answer some of your questions over the next few days. :) It's only the first day after Fanfest so I'm a little weary, but I'll do my best! Some answers for you, based on what we know:

- Project Legion will be determined to be a "go" or a "no go" when Hilmar et al. sign off on it. We obviously really want it to grow in to a real boy and become everything this game's vision is made out to be. It's not at the point in development for that call to be made just yet.

- Character transfer is a no-brainer from a conceptual standpoint, but it's specifics are difficult from a development standpoint. I understand the frustration that it wasn't made crystal clear during the keynote. Let me elaborate a little as to why it's difficult, though. As presented in CCP Z's talk, we're working super hard on developing a progression system and economy that will kick ass. So, if some things may not exist or make sense should Legion become a reality, then those items couldn't carry over (in their current form, anyway). Rest assured though, we will do what we can to preserve what is currently there and figure out solutions for what is not. That is my current understanding. :)

- I have seen no plans relating to DUST 514 shutting down at this time. We're still working on some things for it and over the next few weeks (and once I'm back in Shanghai) hopefully I can figure out more of what that will entail.

- It's too early to be able to talk about Recommend Hardware Specs, although I know that the guys are starting to pull a rough idea of these together. The game is still being heavily developed and little has been done in the way of optimization just yet, but this will obviously happen. When we have an idea of minimum specs I'll try to get them out to you. Keep poking.

- Solid timeframe for Alpha / Beta is also impossible to give right now, because the truth is that we honestly don't know until the Project is green-lit. Once that happens then we'll be able to try and formalize those plans.

Ultimately, I don't want to leave you guys in the dark. It was difficult to remain closed-lipped about the announcement of Project Legion prior to Fanfest (trust me!), but it's my intention to try and share as much as I can with you in the meantime.

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