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Factional Warfare (FW) brings war to New Eden by open conflict between the four main empires of EVE. Players participating in FW will engage in open conflict with enemies of their chosen empire. Mercenaries on the ground will fight for dominance of planetary districts whilst Capsuleer pilots engage in a struggle for spatial superiority in orbit hundreds of miles over the field of battle.

A Struggle For DominanceEdit

In Factional Warfare, players accept battle contracts from representative corporations of the four main empires of New Eden:

  • The Caldari (The State Peacekeepers)
  • The Amarr (The Imperial Guard)
  • The Gallente (The Federal Marines)
  • The Minmatar (The Tribal Liberation Force)

The Caldari fight against the Gallente; and the Amarr fight against the Minmatar.

Screen Shot 2012-09-16 at 04.14.41

Participating in Factional Warfare and Successfully capturing districts will assist the victorious empire in either defending or attacking the system that is being contested by adjusting the System Occupancy modifier on system control bunkers.

Loyalty PointsEdit

You are not rewarded ISK for completing Factional Warfare contracts, instead, you are rewarded Loyalty Points (LP). These may be spent in each faction's LP store for cheaper, better gear that requires less skill training to use.

NOTE: Loyalty points can only be spent in the LP store of the faction you won them from. Example: After winning a contract for the Caldari, you may use them in the Caldari LP store, but not the Minmatar LP store.

Every time a Factional contract is completed, a reward modifier will come into effect (permanently), increasing points earned from that empire. The modifier is increased more if you won the battle than lost, but still increases either way.

Fighting for an empire's rival will decrease their reward modifier for you, but less than the increase of the rival, so it is possible to have maximum modifier for all the empires.

Every time you are kicked from a Factional Warfare match, your reward modifier for the empire you were fighting for will drop substantially. In most cases, it will reach 0 (you cannot get negative LP modifiers).

Capsuleer AssistanceEdit


A Lone ship connecting to a district.

District Space Battle

What the above image really looks like.

Many miles above the battlefield, great fleets of capsuleers are fighting for control of the space around the planet. If one side is able to maintain connection to the defence grid satellite for 3 minutes they will be able to launch an orbital bombardment against forces on the ground (provided that someone gives them targeting data).

This assistance is invaluable when the enemy is fighting in tightly packed formation (especially when heavy vehicles are involved).

Currently, there is no way to shoot back, but this may soon change.

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