In-Game DescriptionEdit


Flaylock Pistol

"The flaylock is a snub-nosed pistol designed to fire one-inch direct attack missiles. Typically, the weapon is armed with pack-loaded dumb-fire or seeker missiles effective against infantry and armoured targets, but is fully compatible with a broad range of missile types, making it one of the most versatile side-arm weapons on the battlefield.

Seeker missiles utilize pre-launch lock-on and rudimentary self-guidance to track designated targets, though finite propellent limits the practical engagement zone to short ranges. Although less effective against shielded targets, the tandem warhead allows penetration of armour layers before detonation, amplifying the effectiveness of the narrow fragment stream and maximising each projectile's lethality."


The Flaylock Pistol was once a very common weapon when it was introduced in Uprising 1.2, due to having a disproportionately large blast radius, making them an easier to use, less PG/CPU intensive version of the Mass Driver; It was not uncommon to see shield tank fits (allowing point-blank firing without dealing too much self-damage) that opyed out of light weapon in favour of an extra flaylock.

In Uprising 1.3, the Flaylock Pistol was "Nerfed" considerably to compensate for the havoc that they had caused when they came into general use (especially on Planetary Conquest). This caused an immediate drop in popularity, although several die-hard users remain, thanks to recognising that it is still possible to rip enemies apart with it; if you use a Flux Grenade First...

As an Explosive Weapon, the Flaylock Pistol has a +20% damage bonus to armour, and a -20% damage penalty to shields.


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