"Adapted from Deep Core Mining Inc.'s proprietary technology, the DCMA S-1 subverts conventional expectations of what a man-portable anti-material weapons platform is capable of. Despite its excessive weight and extended recharge time, the “Forge Gun” as it has become known, is regarded as the most devastating infantry weapon on the battlefield, and an invaluable tool for those capable of wielding it.

Powered by a Gemini microcapacitor, the forge gun utilizes a stored electric charge to fire kinetic slugs at speeds in excess of 7,000 m/s, enough to penetrate even augmented armor systems. During the pre-fire charge, the forward armature locks into position, stabilizing the magnetic field and helping to shield the user from backscatter and the excessive heat produced. Power generation remains the single largest drawback of the current design, the onboard capacitor requiring a significant amount of time to reach full power after each discharge."


The forge gun is a heavy weapon which primarily is used for anti-vehicle purposes. It has the single highest damage per shot of any infantry weapon in the game. Conversely, it also has the lowest rate of fire of any weapon.

While it is not recommended to be used against infantry in close combat, the forge gun is notorious for it's effectiveness as a super-long range sniper. Thanks to the damage, and it's limited splash damage radius, it can be used to kill infantry in one hit (most Times) from almost anywhere on the current mapsets (provided they are in line of sight). Since the ranges used are often outside the maximum render distance for infantry, "forge snipers" will find targets by waiting for the reticule to turn red (as the weapon fires in a completely straight line, at very high velocity).


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  • Standard
    • 'Strumborne' Forge Gun
    • Assault Forge Gun
    • Breach Forge Gun
    • Forge Gun
  • Advanced
    • Arcflare' DAU-2/A Forge Gun
    • 'Blastwave' 9K330 Forge Gun
    • 9K330 Forge Gun
    • DAU-2/A Assault Forge Gun
    • DCMA-5 Breach Forge Gun
  • Prototype
  • 'Backscatter' Freedom Forge Gun
    • 'Grimlock' Guristas Assault Forge Gun
    • 'Torchflare' kaalakiota Forge Gun
    • Imperial Armaments Forge Gun
    • Ishukone Assault Forge Gun
    • Kaalakiota Forge Gun
    • Wiyrkomi Breach Forge Gun