"Gallente military doctrine places a premium on human life, favoring technological solutions that augment or even entirely replace human combatants in a conflict as part of an on-going effort to minimize loss of life on the battlefield. To this end, Gallente forces have access to some of the most advanced armor systems in the cluster." - PlayStation Home's DUST 514: Gallente Scout Dropsuit Outfit description

The Scout dropsuit is a lightweight suit optimized for enhanced mobility, multi-spectrum stealth, and heightened awareness. Augmented joint servo motors give every movement extra speed and flexibility, while integrated friction and impact dampening materials reduce the overall sound signature. When missions call for speed and stealth, situations in which heavily armored suits would be more of a burden than an advantage, a scout dropsuit is the best option. The enhanced mobility it provides makes up for its relatively low protection, and when combined with stealth technology modules, the scout suit is the obvious choice for infiltration, counter-espionage, and assassination.

The scout suit contract from the Gallente military was almost given to another corporation, but just a week before the paperwork went through, Allotek Industries demonstrated their model by sending a former Black Eagle operative to break into the Caille government offices on Luminaire and steal the documents. When Allotek’s CEO presented the stolen material to the panel of generals that were responsible for deciding which suit to buy, they immediately changed their minds.

Dropsuit Variations Edit