Incapacitation occurs when any you or another unit has run out of armour HP (assuming that the damage dealt was not high enough to deplete the hidden 3rd HP bar, which results in death) In this state, movement is impossible, weapons cannot be used, and the environment/instillations cannot be interacted with.


There is a 30 second before someone who in incapacitated bleeds out (and subsequently dies); during this time, all triage units (defined as operators of Nanite Injectors) will be notified of the location of the still-alive body. The victim must press X to Call for Help in order to be revived. When this happens, a syringe icon on the HUD and minimap will appear over the victim.

The incapacitated unit will be able to see all triage units on the overview screen, and will be notified how far away the closest one is (provided they are in a 40m radius).


There are a number of ways that an incapacitated unit can die before they are revived:

  • After 30 seconds pass, an incapacitated unit will bleed out.
  • Re-deploying will kill the current body.
  • Enemies may shoot the body, killing them.
  • If the killing blow dealt enough damage, the unit will die instantly, rather than being incapacitated.
  • If the killing blow was done by an explosive

Being in an installation or vehicle which is destroyed will kill a unit instantly (note, in the case of Dropships; the pilot and passengers can still leave the vehicle and survive, provided they have not crashed yet, although they can still be crushed by the dropship, or killed by the explosion if they land too close to the crash site).


It is possible for units without Nanite Injectors to tell if someone is incapacitated or dead, as when someone dies, their armour turns dark grey and embers will begin to appear as the body is slowly disintegrated.

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