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Infobox test
Ship Focus
Other Images

Hull {{{hull}}}
Developer {{{developer}}}
Icon22 08Power Grid {{{powergrid}}} MW
32pxCalibration {{{calibration}}}
Icon08 09Low Slots {{{loslots}}}
Icon08 10Medium Slots {{{medslots}}}
Icon08 11High Slots {{{hislots}}}
32pxCPU {{{cpu}}} tf
32pxLauncher Hardpoints {{{launchers}}}
Icon05 13Turrets Hardpoints {{{turrets}}}
32pxUpgrade Hardpoints {{{upgrades}}}
Tech I [[ {{{tech1}}} ]]
Tech II [[ {{{tech2}}} ]]
Faction [[ {{{faction}}} ]]
Limited Edition [[ {{{limited}}} ]]
Ship Focus
Weapon Systems {{{weapons}}}
Defense Systems {{{tanking}}}
Specialty Systems {{{special}}}
Other Images

This template is for use in any article about a ship. Most parameters are optional. If left undefined they will not appear. The recommeded image size is a width of 250px so that it will completely fill the infobox without increasing its size.

Add wiki links to articles where appropriate.


|role =
|image =
|caption = 
|name =  
|hull =  
|developer = 
|powergrid = 
|calibration = 
|loslots = 
|medslots = 
|hislots =
|cpu =
|launchers =
|turrets =
|upgrades = 

Two additional optional parameters exist to enable changing of the background and foreground colours in the name part of the infobox, the default is white text on a black background.


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