In-game descriptionEdit

"A ruthlessly efficient close-quarters weapon, the ion pistol fires charged plasma munitions that rupture shields and scorch armor. Each discharge is enveloped in an electrostatic sheath that reduces field distortion and increases stability. The improved dispersion and stopping power is not without drawbacks though, as the higher density of each slug generates excessive heat, enough to seize the weapon if the rate of fire is not carefully controlled.

By overriding internal temperature controls, the weapon can be overcharged to produce a focused, bulk discharge of sufficient lethality to instantly neutralize most soft targets. Caution is advised however, as each overcharged shot will shut down internal systems until the excess heat can be flushed from the weapon’s core."


The single variant of the Ion Pistol currently available is capable of semi-auto and charged-shot fire. It has lower damage and range than the Scrambler pistol, but a higher rate of fire and larger clip. It also features a charged shot: Simply hold the trigger until it’s fully charged, and release to fill some poor, unprepared player's face with plasma. While the charged shot requires the pistol to dump excess heat after shooting, it does not consume additional ammo.


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