Highly versatile Light Attack Vehicles (LAVs) support a crew of up to three squad members. LAVs are often very modular, and able assume a very dynamic support role on the battlefield.

On offense, LAVs find strength in numbers, riding alongside other LAVs at the front line of battle. The driver of such a vehicle must be aware that his crew is exposed to enemy fire and that his armor is not heavy to make full best use of his speed and versatility.

Below briefly outlines the different types of LAVs:

Basic Edit

Militia Edit

Standard Edit

Logistics LAVs Edit

Logistics LAVs (LLAVs) features a built-in remote infantry support tool.

The ___(Caldari) LLAV has a remote shield transporter while the ___(Gallente) LLAV has a remote infantry armor repair tool.

Scout Edit

Standard Edit

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