Hull Madrugar
Cost 200,000.00 ISK
Max Capacity 3 (1 driver, 2 gunners)
Icon05 13Turrets Hardpoints 3 (1 large, 2 small)
Militia Soma
Standard Madrugar
Marauder Surya
Black Ops Kubera
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The Gallente Federation needed an HAV to hold out the Caldari State Gunnlogi. So its answer is the Madrugar, with there armor technology, its given the ability to withstand alot of damage to its armor plus gives repair if equiped. But with its heavy armor, its speed is reduced.

Description Edit

The Heavy Attack Vehicle (HAV) serves as an anchoring unit for many planetary engagements, fulfilling its role as a long-range and heavily armored unit. Equipped with thick and resilient armor plating and high-capacity shielding systems, it is a tenacious defensive vehicle, able to withstand persistent onslaughts from entrenched enemies.