Marketplace Edit

"The market is where you buy the gear you'll need to be a successful mercenary. Items listed on the market can be purchased with either ISK or Aurum (AUR). ISK is earned by participating in battles while AUR can be purchased from Playstation®Store.

The items you purchase on the market come in two forms: regular items and blueprints. NOTE: Blueprints are no longer available on the market.

  • Regular items are exhaustible. Once they have been depleted, more will have to be purchased from the market.
  • Blueprints are inexhaustible. They will never deplete.

Note that even though you can buy any item on the market, you will need skills in order to use most of the items on offer. Be sure to pay attention to the item's skill requirements (use Show Info to get detailed information about each item) when purchasing. An item with a green checkmark indicates that you have the necessary skills to use it, while a red cross means you are missing the skills necessary to be able to use that item."

~ Dust 514 User Manual

Marketplace Layout Edit

The layout of the market place is divided up into categories for each individual item type. Each individual category branching off into sub-categories to allow the player to find what their looking for with relative ease.

Store Front Edit

Marketplace Screenshot

The Store Front is the very first display provided when opening the Market in the Neocom. The Offers panel will show current store offers and featured sales available to players as part of events. These items may be sold individually or in bundles but are almost always items that can only be purchased with Aurum.

Another panel in the Store Front is the Recommendations panel, which provides items recommended to players. These items usually fit a theme of a current build or patch, featuring new content recently made available.

Other panels will show various items or open the Playstation®Store page.

Lifetime and Unallocated Skill Points Edit

This display will show the player how many skill points they've accrued since the creation of their character, as well as the skill points they currently have to spend. This information is useful when considering when to purchase and use skill-books from the Market.

PlayStation Store screenshot

ISK and AUR Edit

This display will show the player their current ISK and AUR balance, essentially how much they are able to spend in the marketplace. This information is useful when considering the quantity of items that they are intending to purchase.

Item Categories Edit

Item categories listed on the left-hand side of the marketplace display are listed as follows:

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