The Logistics dropsuit is outfitted with the latest in integrated diagnostic technology, most of which revolves around maintaining the condition and efficiency of squad mates and their equipment. As such, a soldier equipped with this class of dropsuit becomes a force multiplier, greatly improving the overall effectiveness of the unit. When deployed, a soldier equipped with a Logistics suit fills a vital tactical role in small unit operations and full-scale warfare, providing both, medical and mechanical support.

The story of how the logistics combat suit came to exist is as anecdotal as it is representative of the general Minmatar attitude towards military maintenance. A high-ranking tribal leader was visiting a Republic station for a strategic planning session on how best to use cybernetic clones in ground warfare. When a committee member suggested a full-scale development project to create a support armor variant, the tribal leader balked at what he considered a needless expense, since such a thing already existed. Pointing out one of the station’s windows, he directed the committee’s attention to a maintenance worker floating nearby in the hangar, welding armor plates onto a Rifter. A few minutes later, the worker stood in the committee chamber, demonstrating his suit’s functionality for most of the Republic’s senior leadership. After a few modifications to allow it to interface directly with an NIS implant, the logistics suit was complete.

From the Dust 514 website

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