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A Cestus MCC

"Colossal. Imposing. Devastating. Any of these words could describe the MCC, but only one truly sums it up: Control. The MCC is the nerve centre of any army, the backbone upon which wars are waged and battles won. It is from here, locked within the confines of a modified hydrostatic pod, that the commander orchestrates the fate of those on the ground below. He does so having never set foot on the battlefield, but with the collective knowledge and situational awareness of every unit that has. If knowledge is power, it is the commander who wields it.

Heavily fortified and shielded, the destruction of an MCC is by no means an easy task... But it’s not an impossible one. Only a sustained heavy weapons barrage is sufficient to disable the MCC’s shields and take down its armour. If the MCC does possess an Achilles heel, it is its dependence on fuel, without a constant supply of which, its turrets, critical systems and, most importantly, shields are worthless. Commanders would do well to be aware of any and all fuel sources in a given area and plan accordingly."


Currently, the MCC only appears in Skirmish (Including Factional Warfare and Planetary Conquest) and Domination matches.

The MCC functions as a safe-spawn zone, as mercenaries spawn inside it, where nothing can damage them. Additionally, the MCC flies inside the "Red Line" zone where the mercenaries of the other team are forbidden form venturing (although on some maps, the margin between the start of the Red Line and the MCC is small enough that anyone coming out of it can expect to be put under heavy fire if all other spawn options are lost.

Destruction of an MCCEdit

Only MCC's missile launchers and NULL Cannons on the ground are able to damage the MCC, all other weapons and equipment have a 0% damage multiplier, making them useless against it. In Skirmish, each MCC is equipped with two missile launchers, but in Domination, they only have one.

It takes roughly 32 minutes for the MCCs to destroy each other without the aid of NULL cannons (preventing an overly drawn out match). The defender's MCC will always win in this scenario, as it launches the first salvo of missiles, and all current variants share all stats apart from name and model.

The destruction of the MCC is one of two possible victory conditions in games where it appears (the other being the depletion of clone reserves). In Planetary Conquest, if the attacker wins by destroying the MCC, they will not gain the district.


No MCC variants yet exit for the Minmatar or Amarr.