In-Game DescriptionEdit

Nova Knife Single

A single Nova Knife.

"A close-quarters melee weapon, the nova knife is as deadly a weapon as anything on the battlefield. Its name derives from the heated plasma edge of the blade - formed by a thermic igniter and linear gravity condenser - that, in skilled hands, can be used to carve through even the thickest Dropsuit armour."


The Nova Knife is a close quarters weapon with an unlimited ammunition reserve. In order to be effective, the attack has to be made against the head of an opponent, as the base damage is usually not enough to kill an enemy in full health.

When the fire button is held down, the Nova Knife will begin to charge, the higher the charge, the higher the damage. When the fire button is released, the knives will be swung 2 times, each swing dealing full damage.

Nova Knives are the only weapon that has no bonus or weakness in it's weapon profile, thus dealing the same damage to either shields or armour.


Previously, Nova Knives were supposed to be built into every suit as a melee weapon; however, this was changed in the closed beta, as every suit is now able to do melee with either the butt of the gun or with an elbow. As a result of this change, Nova Knives were made into their own weapon.


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