In-Game DescriptionEdit

Plasma Cannon

Plasma Cannon during pre-fire charge.

"The Plasma Cannon is a single-shot, direct-fire weapon developed by Allotek Industries primarily for use in urban operations and confined space combat. The dense plasma discharge it generates is highly unstable, decaying rapidly and venting sufficient heat and energy to severely damage targets caught within its critical emission radius.

During the short pre-fire charge, ultracold plasma is prepared and then heated inside a magneto-core trap. Just prior to discharge, a small precursor projectile is fired that produces (and is ultimately consumed by) a short-lived tail that helps guide and contain the volatile discharge is it travels towards its target."


The Plasma Cannon is a weapon capable of causing huge amounts of damage, killing infantry in 1 shot, and most vehicles in a matter of 2 shots. However, the single-shot fire is displeasing to most players, and because of this, is not seen very often in online matches. The accuracy also decreases after about 50 meters, and the projectile will begin to arc downwards.


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