Imagine this but with a white paint job
Hull Python
Max Capacity 5 (1 Pilot, 2 passengers, 2 gunners)
Icon05 13Turrets Hardpoints 3 small
Militia Viper
Standard Myron
Logistics Eryx
Faction Caldari
Weapon Systems Blaster/Railgun/Missile
Specialty Systems Giving the ability to give pilots a turrent
Other Images

The Caldari State engineers have upgraded the Myron to improve the dropship to move faster while maintaining efficient shield technology. With the success of making an assault variant, the result was named Python, the fastest dropship existing in the Eve universe. It also competes with the Incubus, the Gallente Federation version of the assualt dropship.


The dropship is a two-engine VTOL craft that combines advances in shielded hardware, redundant software protocols, and networked aeronautics into a heavily armored tactical platform capable of insertion and extraction in even the most hostile situations. Its standard five-man carrying capacity, dual hardpoints, and reinforced plating allow it to operate independently in any situation, alternately tracking and engaging enemy targets and ferrying troops into and out of harm's way.

This Variant is the Assualt Class. This is a mid-combat dropship, able to take off and fly at high speeds to fight against LAVs, HAVs, Infantry, and enemy dropships.

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