The Red Line is the name given to an area encircling the battle zone that mercenaries are disallowed from venturing beyond. On the battle overview and mini-map, the Red Line (and all areas behind it) are denoted by parallel diagonal red lines (hence the name).

If the Red Line is entered on foot or by a vehicle, a countdown of 20 seconds is given to return to the battle zone. If the battle zone is not re-entered in this time, any infantry or vehicle (even if it is unoccupied) will be destroyed.

A team is said to be "Red Line'd" if the opposing team has pushed them so far out of the battlefield that the Red Line prevents them from getting any closer to their intended targets without crossing over the boundary.

Dimensions of the Red LineEdit

The confines of the Red Line change depending on the game mode:

  • In Ambush, the Red Line encircles a small area, concentrating the fighting. It does not change depending on team.
  • In Skirmish and Domination the Red Line encircles a much larger area (largest on Skirmish) and changes depending on team, as the Red Line of the "friendly" team covers the general area MCC of the "enemy" team, and vice-versa.

It should be noted that the Red Line changes with altitude, getting larger at the level that drop-ships fly. The maximum "flight ceiling" of Drop-Ships is considered an extension of the Red Line.

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