In-Game DescriptionEdit


Scrambler Rifle concept art.

"The Scrambler Rifle is a selective-fire weapon capable of semi-automatic and charged fire. Each shot produces a pulse of sinuous energy capable of penetrating shield and metal. By keeping pressure on the trigger, the operator can control the power of each discharge, scaling it to produce an intense pulse of energy fatal to soft targets.

The added power output does come with downsides, most notably increased heat build-up; left unmanaged, thermal stresses age the focusing crystal prematurely, resulting in splintering and potentially lethal feedback. Despite this and several other issues - increased heft, poor reliability, and high manufacturing cost - the scrambler rifle is widely available and in service on battlefields cluster-wide."


The scrambler rifle is a versatile weapon that can be used at close, medium, and long ranges. It benefits from a high accuracy and a +350% head-shot multiplier, making it a truly dangerous weapon.

Designed by the Amarr, this weapon is ornately crafted and relies heavily of using the Electromagnetic Spectrum to deal damage. It is the Amarrian equivalent of an Assault Rifle

It should be noted that although the weapon description says that only semi-automatic and charged fire modes exist, Assault Scrambler Rifles possess fully-automatic fire.

As a laser weapon, the scrambler rifle has a +20% damage bonus to shields, and a -20% damage penalty to armour.

There are differences between the two versions. Assault Scrambler Rifles have Full-Auto, less damage, and less accuracy, while Scrambler Rifles have Semi-Auto, more damage, and more accuracy. The semi-auto version can be potentially dangerous to the player if cornered, unless the player has a fast trigger finger, in which they can possibly kill enemies with better weapons than them. The full-auto also has slightly more recoil, which can be solved by firing in bursts.

Scrambler Rifle Vs. Sniper RifleEdit


  • Larger magazine.
  • Higher Rate of Fire.
  • Higher reload speed.
  • Carries more spare ammunition.
  • Higher head-shot damage multiplier (Vs. the Sniper Rifle's +195%).
  • Can be used in close quarters combat without too much difficulty.


  • Lower effective range.
  • Less Damage Per Shot.
  • Leaves a much more noticeable bullet trail than the Sniper Rifle.
  • Lower Accuracy at long range.
  • Has a damage bias towards shields, making armour tankers more difficult to kill without head-shots.
  • Due to the lower base damage and damage bias, one-hit kills are very unlikely unless a charged shot is hit on the head on an enemy with lower-than-normal health.


  • Militia


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