In-Game DescriptionEdit

"In Skirmish, two teams vie for control of a designated planetary location by destroying the enemy Mobile Command Centre (MCC) in the area while protecting their own. By capturing and maintaining control of NULL Cannon instillation components, a team is able to increase the amount of damage done to the enemy MCC. The more NULL Cannons held, the faster the enemy MCC takes damage. The battle is over when one of the MCCs is destroyed."


In Skirmish, teams are split into 2 groups of 16 mercenaries; with 150 clones on reserve. Skirmish games can last up to approximately 32 minutes.

There are 2 objectives that can win a Skirmish match:

  • Destroy the enemy MCC.
  • Deplete the enemy clone reserves.

There is no mission timer for Skirmish matches. However, due to the fact that the MCCs are constantly shooting each other with missile cannons, one of them will be destroyed in approximately 32 minutes (assuming none of the NULL Cannons are captured by either team). In this unlikely scenario, the MCC belonging to the "Defender" will always win, as it starts firing first.

The geometry of the Red Line will change depending on the team, in such a way that the MCC of each team cannot be directly attacked by ground or air forces of the other team.

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