Using microscale railgun technology, the sniper rifle effectively weaponizes velocity, putting an inert round down range in excess of 2,500m/s. The standard round is a 2-inch 'beehive' lechette, loaded automatically from a center-mount pack. The pack design eliminates user intervention and minimizes reload time wile simultaneously allowing for future upgradeability; different ammunition configurations require nothing more than switching out the rifles pack
Thale's TAR-07 Sniper Rifle
Category Sniper Rifle
Production History
Unit Cost Salvage Only
Fitting Requirements
CPU 51
Powergrid 13
Slot Light Weapon Slot
Damage 355.3
Rate-of-Fire 50.0rpm
Max. Ammo 25
Base Ammo 5
Reload Time 4.0S
Meta Level 10
Damage Type Projectile
Optimal Range 1-598
Maximum Range 598

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