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Dust 514 Tw@ Acid Death



The infamous acid added to Dust shortly before the ver 5.00 update.

Tw@t Acid, discovered and named by player Tankius Primus by way of driving an Onikuma right into it. The acid is named as such because "it is a right tw*t to drive into". CCP introduced the green acid into Dust 514 shortly before the version 5.00 update. The acid was introduced along with other things such as new structures and rock formations to spice up otherwise bland maps. Edit

What is it?Edit

The sign near the Tw@t Acid clearly states that the acid is dangerous and it is; the initial hit from the acid eats through approximately 50-80 points of shield, it then eats away at your shield and armor at a rate of 50 points per second until you either leave the acid or die.

The acid is green in color and could be a number of things. My personal favorites suggestions what Tw@t Acid is are:

1. Radioactive residue from the terraformers at work on each planet.

2. Clone vat acid for dissembling clones presumably so that the dna soup can be used to make further clones.

3. The acid could also just be radioactive spillage from nuclear missile silos that are now dissused.

Tips for surviving Tw@t AcidEdit

Should you find yourself in Tw@t Acid then I provide these tips to survive your visit to the deadly green liquid:

1. Remain calm. If you panic you may not notice the way out of your predicement staring you right in the face.

2. Locate the nearest ladder out. Just like in a fire, locate your nearest safe exit and use it.

3. Get the f**k out! The sooner you get out of the acid the better!

4. If you have shied/armor repairers; use them. Only do this if you have lost a large amount of shield/armor. If you think you can rep without activating your repair units then don't use them. You might need them when the enemy finds you.

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