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  • Raylan13

    In celebration of being in the hands of gamers for a decade, the creators of EVE Online are releasing a Collector's Edition jam-packed with a ton of extra content (includes DUST 514 content!).

    EVE: The Second Decade Collector's Edition is a must-own for the EVE enthusiast, compiling a decade of the rich history of the EVE Universe into a treasure chest of collectibles to proudly display at home, at work and on the battlefield. From the illustrated hardcover book to the in-game collectibles, the greatest moments in EVE's 10-year history are yours to relive as the second decade begins and future memories to be had lay on the horizon. Commemorative in-game items for both EVE and DUST 514, a 7" Rifter USB Hub, and CCP's board game that funded e…

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